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How to Throw an Authentically Icelandic Soccer Viewing Party

America won’t be playing in this summer’s international soccer tournament. But you don’t have to sit it out too. All you need is a new team to support.

That’s where Iceland comes in.

You can cheer for the tiny country because it’s a huge underdog with a fun playing style. But the main reason is you’ll get to invite your friends over for an authentically Icelandic viewing party.

Since America isn’t in the tournament, there’s no reason to settle for watching the games with cheap beer and wings. Here’s how to watch soccer, Iceland style.

  • Stock Up on Vodka

    Russia might be hosting the soccer tournament, but it’s not the country producing the finest vodka. That distinction belongs to Iceland, thanks to Reyka vodka. The small-batch vodka is made with water from an arctic spring that runs through a 4,000-year-old lava field. It goes great in any craft cocktail and should please your guests more than a can of domestic lager.

  • Do the Skol Chant

    Iceland may be the smallest country to reach soccer’s biggest stage, but the fans have a way of making their presence felt at any game. It’s called the skol chant, and it’s surprisingly easy to learn and lead. Kick the party off with your own skol chant, and you’ll see why American football teams are already copying it—we’re looking at you, Minnesota.

  • Make Some Seafood

    You’re going to need some food to pair with your Reyka vodka cocktails. And you don’t have to buy fermented shark to eat like a true Icelander. Just prepare your favorite seafood dish, and you’ll be sticking to the theme. Be sure to coat your dish with your favorite sauce, as Icelanders are known for their heavy use of condiments and gravy.

  • Dress Up

    Icelanders take their national costume seriously. Þjóðbúningurinn, as the traditional dress is called, is made with strict regulations and techniques enforced by the National Costume Authority. You don’t want to get in trouble with that group, so you better just pick up Iceland’s iconic blue jersey. While you’re at it, encourage your guests to wear some blue as well.

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  • Serve Guests the Áfram

    Reyka goes great in any craft cocktail, but take your party up a notch by serving Iceland’s signature pour, the Áfram. The delicious cocktail features an irresistible combination of quality vodka, lime juice and coconut milk. Check out the full recipe below. Pour some in time for kick-off, and raise a toast to the scrappy underdogs from Iceland.


    2 oz Reyka vodka

    1 1/2 oz coconut milk

    3/4 oz fresh lime juice

    3/4 oz turbinado syrup

    Club soda, to top

    Glass: Collins

    Add all the ingredients into shaker with ice and shake.

    Strain into a Collins glass over ice.

    Top with the club soda.