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The Punniest Cocktail Names in the Country Right Now

Most everyone loves a good pun, and bartenders and restaurant workers have become famous for naming their libations in a cheeky fashion. Sometimes only the most discerning imbiber will appreciate a particularly clever turn of phrase. But it can be a hoot catching a reference with a sip and a “aha!” These are a dozen of the punniest-named cocktails from coast to coast.

  • Something in the Whey

    What’s In It? This tiki-like rum sour starts with Scarlet Ibis Rum, plus Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, house-made falernum syrup, lime juice and house-made whey. The drink is served over ice in a Collins glass with an orange peel garnish. We think George Harrison would approve.

    Where to Find It: Rolf and Daughters in Nashville, Tennessee

  • Shisho Fine

    What’s In It? Created by Gates Otsuji, this pretty (and aptly named) cocktail is made with Tanqueray, lemon, shiso leaf and seltzer.

    Where to Find It: The Standard High Line in New York City

  • Flight of the Concord

    What’s In It? The cocktail is first infused with Banfi grappa, then pressed and reinfused with Susana Balbo late harvest Torrontés grapes. The grapes are then pressed again and infused a third time with a blend of grappa, torrontes and Chardonnay and topped with Champagne foam. Manager Stephen Thomas says the grapes in the drink have quite a journey into the glass, hence the name.

    Where to Find It: Restaurant Latour at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, New Jersey

  • Ju Lip

    What’s In It? Like the drink it’s named for, this is a cocktail is of few ingredients—just soju, ginger and shiso.

    Where to Find It: Betony in New York City

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  • Berry White

    What’s In It? Made with Nolet’s Gin, house-made raspberry shrub, and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic to fill, the drink is served over ice in a rocks glass and garnished with white chocolate shavings. Both the berries and white chocolate are a tribute to the late, great soul singer.

    Where to Find It: South Water Kitchen in Chicago, Illinois

  • Gimme a Beet

    What’s In It? This “nasty” (get it, Janet?) drink is made with blanco tequila, fresh beet juice, ginger, Worcestershire sauce, chipotle and a black lava sea salt rim.

    Where to Find It: Horchata in New York City

  • Pho-King Champ

    What’s In It? Beef is the base of this shot made with wheat vodka, Oloroso sherry and aromatized beef stock, which is served chilled and garnished with a cilantro leaf.

    Where to Find It: Midnight Rambler in Dallas, Texas

  • Blame It on the Aperol

    What’s In It? Made with Martin Miller’s Gin, Aperol, lemonade and seltzer, and served over ice, this recipe was developed by the restaurant's owners—perhaps after a night of too much of the Italian aperitif.

    Where to Find It: Dell’anima in New York City

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  • Cinnamon Toast Punch

    What’s In It? This punch sounds almost as good as the cereal that inspired it. Made with Avuá Amburana cachaça, whole milk, Lustau Amontillado sherry, Meletti Amaro and banana puree, the ingredients are stirred up and poured into a punch bowl and served with shaved cinnamon.

    Where to Find It: Dirty Habit in San Francisco, California

  • Mint to Be

    What’s In It? Laird’s Apple Brandy is the base of this summery drink along with, yes, fresh mint, house-made falernum and lemon.

    Where to Find It: Colicchio & Sons in New York City

  • The Shrub Down

    What’s In It? This refreshing yet sweet cocktail is made with Diplomatico Añejo Rum, pisco citrus shrub and coconut water, then shaken, strained and served in a large Duralex water glass with a nutmeg garnish.

    Where to Find It: Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, California

  • About Thyme

    What’s In It? Thyme is of the essence—literally—in this vodka-based libation that comprises thyme-infused vodka, fresh cantaloupe, fresh lemon juice and agave syrup.

    Where to Find It: The Cecil in Harlem, New York City