5 Enlightening Ways to Help You Drink More Pisco

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  • hes posted 2 years ago

    Even though Chile has a much larger production of Pisco, Peru has defended its origin and after a fierce and well documented litigation on international courts, it won the rights to use an appellation of origin for pisco. Peru claims the exclusive right. In 2013, Pisco has been recognized as a Peruvian geographical indication by European Union, however, various large-market countries (e.g., the United States) allow products of Peru and Chile to be identified as "Pisco".

    Peru states the word "pisco" has a close relationship with the geographical area where it is produced, as Champagne in France, and thus should be used only by the liquor produced in Peru. El Salvador and the European Union recognize the exclusive Peruvian origin of Pisco where it distinctive grapes grow and thrive like no other region.

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