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7 Delicious Takes on the Classic Old Fashioned

One of the most well recognized cocktails of all time, the Old Fashioned is a true classic. While some would argue not to mess with a classic, we think it can be good to spruce things up from time to time. If you’re looking to get creative with your cocktail, try one of the these new takes.

  • Grapefruit Old Fashioned

    A Cozy Kitchen

    This version mixes together summer and fall flavors. Grapefruit and sage are blended to give the drink a citrus twist. Topped off with some sparkling water, this may be the most refreshing Old Fashioned yet.

  • Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned

    Salted Plains

    This drink is perfect for warming up on a chilly rainy day. Made with the cold-weather staples of cinnamon, honey and rosemary, this is sure to hit the spot when you want to warm up at night.

  • Honeycrisp Old Fashioned

    Jessica Merchant

    A cult favorite in the apple world, honeycrisps are an essential ingredient in many apple cider recipes. This cocktail calls for a homemade honeycrisp syrup and cinnamon sugar, turning the Old Fashioned into a tasty dessert-style drink.

  • Tangerine, Honey & Rosemary Old Fashioned

    What Do You Crave

    Swap out sugar for honey in this recipe. The Old Fashioned gets a unique flavor pairing when tangy tangerines meet a rosemary sprig. Garnish with fresh tangerines to make this a truly beautiful cocktail.

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  • Blackberry Sage Old Fashioned

    Steele House Kitchen

    Homemade sage simple syrup steals the show in this drink. Paired with freshly muddled blackberries and Peychaud’s bitters, the ingredients in this sipper truly help the flavor of any delicious bourbon.

  • Persimmon Old Fashioned

    A Side of Sweet

    The best part about this cocktail is that it’s customizable, with the option of using soda water or ginger ale and swapping brandy for whiskey. Pick your poison.

  • Spiced Pear Bourbon Old Fashioned

    My Diary of Us

    Infuse your own bourbon with pear, cinnamon and other spices with this cocktail. Pour the mixture in a glass and add some ice and a garnish, and it’s as easy as that.