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11 Essential Cocktails for Your March Parties

These drinks will lend warmth to your late-winter parties.

Blue Blazer cocktail
Blue Blazer. Image: / Tim Nusog

March can feel like a strange in-between month when one day it feels like spring has finally arrived, and on the next, winter seems to make its return. We’ve rounded up the 11 cocktails that will help you make it through the month’s temperature twists and turns.

  • Loaded Pistol

    Loaded Pistol cocktail

    Arlene Ibarra 

    If you’re looking for a drink that leans more savory, this cocktail will satisfy your cravings with a surprise ingredient. Stir together mezcal, sweet vermouth, Strega and grapefruit bitters with ice, then strain over a large ice cube and garnish with a sprinkling of homemade grasshopper salt. (Trust us, it’s good.)

  • El Presidente

    El Presidente cocktail
    Tim Nusog

    This spirit-forward cocktail is the perfect way to use rum in months that don’t necessarily call for tropical drinks. White rum, orange curaçao, dry vermouth and grenadine come together to make an aperitif you can enjoy all year.

  • Tipperary


    The pre-Prohibition classic Bijou gets an Irish spin in this cocktail, with Jameson replacing the traditional gin. It’s rounded out with sweet vermouth and green Chartreuse, making it the perfect jewel to celebrate the Emerald Isle.

  • Saison Highball

    Saison Highball

     Joseph Weaver

    Highballs are known for being easy to assemble, and this recipe is no exception. Though the mix of three kinds of apple brandy and apple cider may sound single-note, the refreshing—and surprisingly complex—combination will keep you coming back again and again.

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  • La Violetta

    La Violetta


    On March’s chillier days, mix up this cocktail. Gin, lambrusco, crème de violette and fresh lemon juice combine to make a light and bright cocktail with floral flavors that’s perfect for enjoying with brunch or in the afternoon.

  • Horn of the Bulls

    Horn of the Bulls / Tim Nusog

    Take your cocktail choices by the horns with this inventive recipe. A good excuse to use up that bottle of Midori you have laying around, this distant cousin of a Ramos Gin Fizz sees the liqueur mixed with tequila, cucumber syrup, pineapple juice, heavy cream and an egg white, then tops it all off with soda water for a creamy and savory cocktail.

  • Irish Affogato

    Irish Affogato / Tim Nusog 

    Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? This boozy decadence brings together the best of an Irish Coffee with an affogato. Whiskey, Baileys Irish cream, coffee ice cream and cold-brew coffee come together to make a creamy, sweet and bitter after-dinner indulgence. 

  • Irish Buck

    Irish Buck / Tim Nusog

    Spicy and refreshing, this is a whiskey cocktail that everyone will enjoy. Irish whiskey, ginger ale and fresh lime juice combine for an Irish take on the classic buck, finished with a festive lime wheel garnish.

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  • Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo cocktail

     Michael Dietsch

    Take the Manhattan on a spin with this modern twist. Rye whiskey, Bénédictine and bitters are all you need to make this drink that’s perfectly spirit-forward and balanced enough for enjoying in the afternoon or after dinner (or both).

  • Beet Rose

    Beet Rose cocktail

      J. Bespoke

    Mix up vegetable juice with something a little special. Vodka, beet juice, lemon juice and mint make a beautifully red base that’s perfected with a splash of prosecco on top. Garnish with a mint sprig and a lemon twist for special presentation and an extra hint of herbal tartness.

  • Blue Blazer

    Blue Blazer / Tim Nusog

    Want to serve a hot cocktail with an extra bit of flair? This take on a Hot Toddy certainly won’t disappoint. Scotch, sugar and boiling water are ignited, then poured between two mugs for a spectacular show. To serve, extinguish the flames and garnish with a lemon wheel.