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Find the Right Cut of Glassware for Your Bar

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A glass is so much more than a vessel for cocktails. Just like the music coming through the speakers and the name at the entrance, glassware sets the tone for your bar before guests even take a sip.

You don’t have to go to extreme lengths to make the right first impression. The process can be as simple as finding the right cut of glassware. Three striking design categories within the Libbey Master’s Reserve collection feature their own unique flourishes, adding style to your one-of-a-kind creations.

Each design features Libbey’s modern and handcrafted style but will create a slightly different experience for your guests. Explore these truly striking options.

  • Chisel

    Chisel-cut glasses are right at home in speakeasy-inspired bars. But they can also help bring that warm and intimate atmosphere to bars that may not feature era-appropriate artwork and furniture.

    The deep and sleek cuts on the sides of these glasses let guests know they’re getting a drink of substance. The tumblers are perfect for pouring a Benton’s Old Fashioned or a couple of fingers of scotch, since the quality and clarity of the glass highlights brown spirits.

  • Crosshatch

    The stylish crosshatch pattern can elevate signature cocktails with linear cuts that add tone and depth to the presentation. It’s a subtle flourish that’s fitting for chic cocktail bars and contemporary restaurants. This line of glassware is also notable for its versatility. You can maintain a consistent style through drinks as different as a Martini, Whiskey Sour, Mimosa and more.

  • Bloom

    A subtle swirl of petals is the defining feature of these glasses. It’s a playful touch that adds personality to a cocktail without drawing attention away from the beauty of the presentation. This is the kind of glassware that conveys sophistication without pretension—that says you’re serious about cocktails but don’t take yourself too seriously.

    That’s only the beginning of what you can communicate through high-quality glassware. Check out the rest of the Master’s Reserve collection and see what style catches your eye.