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11 Essential Cocktails for Your Labor Day Weekend Parties

Summerthyme Screwdriver. Image: Tim Nusog

Labor Day marks the end of summer, so it’s necessary to celebrate with all the refreshing, light cocktails you didn’t get around to drinking throughout the warm months. Try these 11 cocktails at your Labor Day party this year.

  • Paloma

    Tim Nusog

    This simple classic is ideal for a long lazy weekend spent by the pool or on the beach. Simply add tequila and lime juice to a glass filled with ice, then top with grapefruit soda. Stir briefly to combine, then sit back and relax.

  • St-Germain Cocktail

    Tim Nusog

    Fizzy and refreshing, this cocktail is great for wine drinkers looking to branch out. St-Germain elderflower liqueur gives a floral note to dry white wine, then it’s all topped with club soda and a lemon twist for a burst of brightness.

  • La Perla

    Start the transition into fall with this pear-infused cocktail. Reposado tequila and nutty manzanilla sherry tone down the sweetness of pear liqueur, leaving you with a balanced drink that will have you dreaming of sweaters and falling leaves.

  • Daiquiri

    Tim Nusog

    A true Daiquiri isn’t the hangover-inducing sugary concoction from your college spring breaks. Instead, it’s a simple and sublime combination of rum, sugar and lime that’s a perfect send-off for summer.

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  • Standard Summertime Punch

    Make a big batch of this so you can relax with your guests this Labor Day. The mix of cognac, sherry and peach tea is a sure crowd pleaser, especially when combined with mineral water, honey syrup, lemon and two kinds of bitters.

  • Crush Crush

    Treat your guests to a round of this frozen orange cocktail. Mandarinetto liqueur gives a bright citrus flavor to white rum, velvet falernum and summery juices, which are all blended with ice until cold and slushy. Don’t forget to serve it with a straw.

  • Frohito

    Tim Nusog

    Though autumn is on the horizon, the weather hasn’t quite started cooling down yet. Keep it chill at your Labor Day party with this frozen blend of mint syrup, light rum and lime juice.

  • Evergreen Terrace

    Tim Nusog

    The secret to this herbaceous cocktail? Homemade yerba mate simple syrup. Mix it with tequila, génépy, lemon juice and two kinds of bitters for a complex cocktail that’s bitter, herbal and refreshing all in one.

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  • White Hot American Summer

    Tequila and scotch have never gotten along so well.

    A mix of tequila and scotch may seem intimidating, but one sip of this drink will have you hooked. The two spirits are combined with peach purée and lemon juice and garnished with a mint sprig for a fruity cocktail that’s perfect for late summer afternoons.

  • Mayan Michelada

    Lesley Hennen

    Spice up your pre-noon drinking with this twist on the Mexican brunch classic. Of course, lager is on the ingredients list, but the booze level is taken up a notch with a splash of mezcal. Hot sauce, Maggi seasoning sauce, Worchester sauce and lime juice help round it all out.

  • Summerthyme Screwdriver

    Summerthyme Screwdriver. Tim Nusog

    This large-format punch is perfect for when you’re entertaining a crowd. Vodka and Aperol combine to make a boozy base that’s sweetened with orange juice and fresh lemon. Top with club soda and enjoy.