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Everything You Need for a Perfect Boozy Picnic

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Don’t have access to a beach house? Can’t find the time or money to take an extravagant trip to the Caribbean? Don’t worry, you can still lay out with a refreshing cocktail by your side. You might just have to do it at a local park. Summer is the perfect time to plan a boozy picnic. This is what you need to do it in style.

  • Kor Water Bottle

    Hydration is key for anyone enjoying cocktails in the sun. So get the Kor One, which is BPA-free, comes with an easy handle and has an enormous spout for ice to guarantee you’re drinking clean and cool water for as long as your picnic lasts.

  • Plenty of Koozies

    You know what doesn’t help with insulation? Beer cans and plastic cups. Either pour your drinks into your Kor (once you’re fully hydrated, of course) or remember to pack some Koozies.

  • Large-Batch Cocktails

    You should be kicking back at your picnic, not crafting a complex cocktail. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a boozy picnic limited to beer and wine. You just need to think ahead. Before you leave, you should make a large batch of Margaritas or a refreshing punch.

  • Canned Cocktails

    Bring some canned cocktails if you don’t feel like preparing drinks before your trip to the park. This shortcut isn’t even a compromise, because canned cocktails are better than ever. Growing demand has increased the variety and quality of canned cocktails and spiked seltzers. That’s good news for your boozy picnic.

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  • Portable Cooler

    A portable cooler might not be as Instagram-ready as the classic wicker picnic basket, but it’s much better at keeping your food and drinks cold. That should be the main priority if you’re hoping your boozy picnic extends late into the afternoon.

  • Lots of Fresh Fruit

    You need to eat something, so why not bring food that could also elevate your drinks? Fresh fruit isn’t just the perfect snack for your picnic. You can use fruit to garnish your cocktail or drop pieces into a glass of wine, or Kor bottle, for an improvised Sangria.

  • All the Non-Boozy Details

    There are plenty of choices to make once you have the drinks situation settled. Will you bring a frisbee or a bocce set? A Bluetooth speaker or an old-school boombox? A big umbrella or high-SPF sunscreen? No matter how you round out your boozy picnic, remember to check the weather in advance, bring your Kor bottle and clean up after yourself.