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11 Essential Cocktails for Your January Parties

Winter warmers and nutrient-packed cocktails are what to drink right now.

Whisky Skin cocktail / Tim Nusog

New year, new you, new recipes to try. While many take this time of year to embark on resolutions or take a break from drinking, we take it as an opportunity to start fresh with some new drinks. 

This month, we’re focused on cocktails full of veggies and vitamins, as well as winter warmers to help get through those post-holiday blues. Fire up your bar cart and get started mixing these 11 cocktails to make in January.

  • Celery Sour

    Celery Sour / Tim Nusog

    Even if you’re trying to be healthier this year, you can still enjoy a cocktail or two. The celery syrup in this drink gives a hit of a crisp vegetal flavor. When it’s mixed with Licor 43, pineapple-infused gin, lemon juice, and cucumber bitters, the drink continues to grow in refreshment, while a dollop of Greek yogurt stands in for egg white to add texture. 

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  • Earl Grey MarTEAni

    Earl Grey MarTEAni / Tim Nusog

    This twist on a Gin Sour from cocktail guru Audrey Saunders is perfect for when you’re looking for an after-dinner pick-me-up that’s both elegant and comforting. Tea-infused gin serves as a uniquely floral base that’s complemented by the sour’s usual lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white. A sugar rim adds a sweetly festive touch.

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  • Salty Ginger-Ade

    Salty Ginger-Ade / Tim Nusog

    Perfect if you’re celebrating Dry January or simply taking a brief break after the booze-filled holiday season, this salty, citrusy, spicy drink is so flavorful you won’t even miss the alcohol. Muddle a date with lime juice, cumin, and salt, then top with ginger beer and add a mint sprig to finish it off.

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  • Cucumber Cleanse

    Cucumber Cleanse
    Montage Laguna Beach

    Hop on the juice-cleanse train without giving up your booze, thanks to this cocktail. Fresh cucumber and lemon juices are jazzed up with a splash of vodka. Ginger syrup adds zing, and hibiscus lavender oak bitters bring a layer of floral depth. Top it all with a little bit of ground cayenne for some extra spice.

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  • The Lookout

    The Lookout

    The Corner Door

    A new year calls for a new take on the classic Hot Buttered Rum. This version kicks it up a notch with sherry-infused butter and mulled cider, creating a drink that’s sure to warm you up in the most delicious way possible. Add a pinch of Chinese five-spice powder on top just before serving for an extra warming note.

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  • Don’t Call Me Shirley

    Don't Call Me Shirley cocktail / TIm Nusog

    You probably last had a Shirley Temple as a child and haven’t looked back. This upgraded version of the drink does away with its saccharine notes, instead employing homemade grenadine and freshly squeezed citrus juices. Top it with club soda rather than the sugary stuff, and you have a nonalcoholic cocktail that will satisfy sophisticated taste buds.

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  • Forbidden Sour

    Forbidden Sour / Tim Nusog

    Who said that bourbon and pomegranate can’t be friends? One sip of this cocktail created by bartending vet Eben Freeman proves the two play nicely together. Shake bourbon with pomegranate liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup together and serve garnished with a cherry and orange wheel. It’s simple, refreshing, and perfect.

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  • Kombucha Sangria

    Kombucha Sangria / Tim Nusog 

    If you’ve decided to drink less this month, this low-ABV cocktail is a great option. Not only is the mix delicious, but tart and tangy cherry kombucha helps to keep it full of flavor without overloading on the alcohol. Mix the ’booch with a little red wine and Aperol, and serve it in a pitcher for easy access to seconds (which you’ll definitely want). 

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  • Fields of Travel

    Fields of Travel

    Zucchini water is the unexpected lengthener in this vegetal and herbaceous drink. It joins sparkling sake, green Chartreuse, and bitter-melon-flavored bitters in a cocktail that’s green in both hue and flavor.

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  • Curiosity Killed the Cat, You Know

    Curiosity Killed the Cat, You Know

    Linnea Covington

    Its name is a mouthful, but this cocktail is almost more fun to drink than it is to say. Inspired by the Alpine mountains of Germany, France, and Italy, this warm drink brings the flavors of gin, génépy, Macvin du Jura liqueur wine, and chamomile tea together into a modern version of the classic Hot Toddy.

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  • Whisky Skin

    Whisky Skin cocktail / Tim Nusog

    This traditional Toddy is simple, straightforward, and perfect for cold and snowy January nights. This recipe is simple, so you can whip it up whenever you feel a chill coming on. Just dissolve demerara sugar in a bit of water with a thin lemon peel, then add scotch and fill with more boiling water. It’s guaranteed to warm you from the inside out.

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