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6 Jägermeister Cocktails That Will Change Your Life

You know that bottle made of green glass and filled with a dark, intensely herbal liqueur that tastes like black licorice? The one that has the stag on the label and the name that’s fun to pronounce? That’s right, Jäger. The freaky shot of college days past.

These days, the German liqueur is finding a new, more subtle calling in craft cocktails. Made of an astounding 56 ingredients, Jäger lends a powerful flavor to drinks. Though you don’t always need a lot of the liqueur, its flavor shines when paired with spirits like rum and whiskey.

Go out on a limb here. Jäger does more than throw down a nasty hangover.

  • German Vacation

    Need to take a little time off? Even if you can’t make it across the pond, a sip of this cocktail could bring on that vacation euphoria. A sturdy base of rum and Jäger underlies the richness of orgeat, ginger liqueur and lemon juice. A few dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters are a nice complement to the anise notes of the Jäger—and a photogenic finishing touch.

  • Gamekeeper’s Grog

    Jägermeister isn’t a common ingredient in tiki cocktails, but it does come as a bit of a shock that it works so well in this tropical-inspired drink from DrinkWire contributor Home Bar Girl. This time mixed with two types of rum, lime and pineapple juices and homemade cinnamon bark syrup, the bitter liqueur revels in unexpected Polynesian glory. Of course, it wouldn’t be a tiki cocktail without an over-the-top garnish.

  • Sneaky Pete

    One of Gaz Regan’s 101 Best New Cocktails, this drink was dreamt up by Chicago bartender Chris Neustadt. Instead of toning down Jäger’s bitterness with brightly flavored ingredients, the Sneaky Pete combines it with Luxardo Amaro Abano, amaretto and Coca Cola, which adds a touch of sweetness.

  • Precision Timepiece

    Don’t be fooled by the name of this drink: You’ll easily lose track of time while sipping on the combination of Jäger, Aperol, Amaro Montenegro and Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Bitters, from New York bartender and bitters aficionado Sother Teague. It’s as tasty as it is handsome.

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  • The Inside Scoop

    While you’ve probably had at least one root beer float in your lifetime, it’s safe to assume you’ve never tried anything like this. In a boozy take on this childhood staple, New York bartender Erin Sullivan combines the drink’s necessities—root beer and vanilla ice cream—with Jäger, a touch of herbal Yellow Chartreuse, root beer bitters and orange oil. And, yes: It’s delicious.

  • Surfer on Acid

    Created by Eric Tecosky in the 1990s, this popular cocktail can be made as a shot. But you can civilize this Jägermeister cocktail a bit by serving it on the rocks (or even straight up in a cocktail glass).