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9 Very Tricky Ways to Hide Booze

The cat and mouse game between drinkers and the agents of sobriety is an old one, but it’s fairly simple. Here’s how it works: The agents say “no drinking here,” and the drinkers nod politely while finding a new, clever way to hide the sauce.

Since the days of Prohibition—when “getting covertly drunk” nearly replaced baseball as our national pastime—the art form has only evolved.

These days, we don’t have to worry about Eliot Ness kicking down the door, but we still have to contend with security.

Read on for nine sneaky ways to hide your booze at concerts, festivals, cruises and more—right this way.

  • In a Camouflaged Flask

    The standard flask is an indispensable tool for the drinker on the go. From utilitarian stainless steel to ornate glass creations with embossed leather carrying cases, there are flasks to fit any personality.

    While a normal flask is fine and dandy for entry-level booze sneakers, its telltale shape is a dead giveaway to any stadium guard worth his salt. But the internet has a wide range of camouflaged flasks, ranging from hair brushes to binoculars, cameras, ties and everything in between.

    (Photo courtesy

  • In a Seat Cushion

    Going to a football game, graduation or anywhere else where you plan on sitting for awhile? Kill two birds with one stone using this ingenious flask cushion. Available in 20 colors, you’ll definitely be able to find something for your team spirit.

    (Photo courtesy

  • In a “Sealed” Water Bottle

    There was a time when an unbroken seal represented a golden truth. That time has passed.

    For under $10, you can buy a couple dozen “sealed” water bottle caps online.

    Pour out that useless water, replace with glorious vodka, and enjoy the opening act.

    (Photo courtesy Amazon)

  • Camouflaged as Listerine

    This one is brilliant in its simplicity. It’s also mainly good for cruises and festivals only, unless you can convince the concert venue that, no, you just have really terrible breath.

    Simply add a few drops of green and blue food coloring to your clear spirit (Vodka is used most often) and add the cap back on. The ease and popularity of this method unfortunately also means that many cruise companies know about it. Good luck!

    (Photo courtesy Tumblr)

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  • With Soda Camouflage

    This one’s a classic and can be done a few different ways. You can even buy pre-cut and sanded soda cans online, but why bother when you can do it yourself?

    (Photo courtesy Ebay)

  • In a Wine Purse

    Still trying to figure out what to get your aunt for her birthday? We suggest this handsome wine purse.

    It holds up to three liters of white wine (ok, three liters of anything, but it’s probably going to be white wine).

    (Photo courtesy Macy’s)

  • In a Sunscreen Container

    In terms of sneaky drinking in public, this one is a brilliant warm weather tactic. Sunscreen is so ubiquitous during the hotter months, your SPF 100 won’t get a second look (that is, unless you are chugging directly from the container).

    While you could empty one out yourself, it might be worth forking over the extra dollars to get one that doesn’t have any sunscreen remnants in it.

    (Photo courtesy Amazon)

  • In a 24k Gold Bracelet

    Though it will only hold about three ounces of booze, this 24k gold-plated bangle flask is big on class and style. On the other hand, the $225 price tag essentially means that each shot you sneak costs upwards of $100. At that price, we hope you’re sneaking in something good...and strong!

    (Photo courtesy Cynthia Rowley)

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  • In Your Underwear

    If you’re in the market for a more budget-conscious flask fashion accessory, there are a few sartorial options available. Namely, in the undergarment department. But where better to hide something than where prying eyes will never see in the first place? That seems to be the concept behind these clever bras and briefs. And if that’s not your cup of tea, you could always hide it in your beer belly.

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