Hard Truths About the Rules of Drinking Bourbon

Locations: Kansas City Missouri
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  • subaruxcgmailcom537103931 posted 1 month ago

    Very sensible stuff. WT101 is great, Russell's Reserve is greater.

    Man, this makes me want an old-fashioned.

  • jeepster260.f67c posted 1 month ago

    Thank you glassguy! Saved me writing that myself! Personally i look for KENTUCKY Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and while bourbon can be made ANYWHERE in the UNITED STATES ONLY, it is always good to start with the folks who know their stuff! (IMO!)

  • dajazzmanrmr posted 1 month ago

    Many of you won't agree with my statement, but here it is anyway. I always allow myself to get sucked into reading these articles re: rules for consuming something or other. I happen to like Bourbon, and that's why this article captured my attention. Rules for drinking Bourbon, like rules for consuming wine, scotch, vodka, beer, etc. is subjective. I try a brand of Bourbon, if I like it, I like it. Me and my taste buds don't care about the descriptions that some self-proclaimed expert has espoused. Things like "Oakey, Caramely, buttery, and the like do not change what my taste buds tell me. Taste is very subjective. Put 5 people in a room have them taste the same thing, and you may just get 5 differing opinions. So your rules are moot. This is almost like writing an article proclaiming the 5 greatest of all time football players, baseball players or golfers. No matter who is on the list, no matter what criteria was used to pick them, there will always be disagreement. Just like this, my favorite Bourbon is Gentleman Jack from the Jack Daniel's distillery. There are experts who will say that, Gentleman Jack is not Bourbon, for one it is not distilled in Kentucky. I say nothing to them, I simply pour and enjoy another glass of GJ. I smile and lean back and enjoy. Join me!

  • glassguy213.8c512f posted 1 month ago

    This article is wrong on several points. First...Straight Bourbon simply means that it is two years old. By law bourbon may not have any additives so technically it is "the real deal" as he proclaims UNLESS it is flavored. Then it can't be called bourbon. So the apple and honey stuff is not bourbon. Second, there is NO minimum age for bourbon- BUT if it is straight it must be at least two years old AND the law says that if it is UNDER 4 years old (in a barrel) then there must be an age statement. The reason he does not see an age statement on a bottle is that it is OVER 4 years old. Over 4 years and the distiller has the OPTION to have an age statement or not.
    What you want to look for on the label are the words "distilled by" which means it is actually made by the company listed. "Bottled by" or "Produced by" means that it was NOT distilled by the company and was sourced from another distillery.
    And while there are some good "value" bourbons (under $40) there are some just a bit more than that as well. But higher price does not always mean better.
    I am distressed that the information in this article are so far off base.

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