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10 Nutrition-Packed Cocktails to Make at Home Right Now

Chicken Soup Hot Toddy. Image: Tim Nusog

Whether you made a resolution to be healthier in the new year or you just need a detox, it’s time to reevaluate your drinking habits. Drinking moderately has been shown to help your health, so don’t skip the booze completely. Instead, try these low-proof cocktails made with healthier, nutrition-packed ingredients.

  • Beet-On

    Michael Tulipan

    Fresh beet juice is the base for this cocktail, so expect some blood-flow benefits as you’re imbibing. Mix it with arak, lemon juice, simple syrup and mint for a cocktail that’s both savory and warming.

  • Pimm’s Cup

    Get some of your daily fruit servings in with this classic British cocktail. Cucumber slices, strawberries, oranges, lemons and mint mingle with Pimm’s No. 1 Cup liqueur and Sprite for a light and refreshing cocktail that’s not too boozy.

  • Partida Margarita

    Margaritas normally get a bad rap for being sugar bombs filled with empty calories. This recipe gives you all the classic flavor but stays on the lighter side by mixing tequila and lime juice with agave syrup for just a hint of sweetness.

  • Mimosa

    Help fight off winter colds with the extra boost of vitamin C this classic brunch cocktail provides. Orange juice and your choice of sparkling wine are the only ingredients you need. If you’re feeling fancy, make a batch of Champagne ice cubes to keep your Mimosa cool.

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  • Kumquat Smash

    Seasonal kumquats add a bright citrus flavor and tons of antioxidants and vitamins in this smash. Muddle and then shake them with gin, lemon juice, maraschino liqueur and nutmeg for a refreshing tipple that will help keep winter colds at bay.

  • Bloody Mary

    Up your veggie intake with this savory brunch staple. Vodka mixes with tomato juice and a host of other fruits and veggies, so you can get your vitamins in.

  • Salty Ginger-Ade

    Salty Ginger-Ade mocktail. Tim Nusog

    If you’re looking to ditch booze completely in the name of health this January, try this mocktail. Muddle a medjool date, salt, cumin and lime juice together, then mix it all with high-quality ginger beer. You won’t even miss the alcohol.

  • Green Tea Highball

    Tim Nusog

    Japanese whisky and soda water get a nice boost from green tea in this super refreshing drink. Plus, you can feel good about drinking an entire highball because its low-alcohol content is even better for you when paired with the tea’s antioxidants and fat-burning properties.

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  • Leblon Coco Caipirinha

    Put the lime in the coconut and pretend that it isn’t January with this easy cocktail. Simply muddle lime wedges and a dash of sugar together, shake with cachaça, and top with coconut water. The coconut water has electrolytes and vitamins to help replenish what you may lose from drinking alcohol.

  • Chicken Soup Hot Toddy

    Chicken Soup Hot Toddy. Tim Nusog

    Bring Mom’s chicken soup (and all of its curing qualities) to your cocktail cart with this savory spin on a traditional Hot Toddy. Hot chicken stock provides a base for gin, celery bitters and fresh lemon juice. Garnish with a carrot stick, celery stick and fresh parsley for extra veggie power.