Gin & Tonics Across the USA: These 9 G&Ts Will Make You a Believer

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  • IceBucket58 posted 1 month ago

    Seems like a lot of foo foo for a drink so simple and so clean.
    Juice it up and be done. If you don't own a juicer like the Sur La Table Lime Juicer - get one.
    2+ shots gin (your choice - but for August - stick with Tanq Rangpur)
    Juice 1/2 of a lime - take the hull rim the glass and toss it in the mix.
    Select a good sugar based tonic - no HFCS. No diet tonic either. Add enough.
    Add ice and stir well to infuse the cold.
    Life is complex enough - you G&T should be simple and rich.
    Cheers. Listen to some Bowie - Soul Love. Very British.
    I share Alex Jones's view - but not his intensity.
    Don't get intense - Get the next round & chill.

  • alexfjones46gmailcom1152818410 posted 2 months ago

    This article makes me want to vomit. What an abomination. It's a goddamn gin and tonic: pour gin, add ice, fill with tonic and garnish with a fucking lime. You know what that is? A great drink that's stood the test of time. Quit fucking shit up.

  • scottcarnzgmailcom400102257 posted 2 months ago

    These all sound fantastic! I'm anxious to try the M G&T especially. Wanted to direct you to Tarsan i Jane in Seattle, too. Their cocktail program is almost entirely G&Ts with probably 8 different combos on the menu and they are all amazing: nuanced, inventive and truly tasty!

  • gewehrliquor posted 2 months ago

    These recipes are silly and for little boys who want sugar. If you want to drink quality Gin all of which you offered why are you hiding the tast of the gin behind syrups, aromatics and sugar.
    Good tonic wate and good gin, tall glass no ice!

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