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6 Spring Fruit Cocktails You Can Make Right This Second

Thankfully, spirits are always in season. Certain fruits, on the other hand, are best enjoyed only during the springtime. Even if modern engineering has made it possible to find most fruits year round—whether frozen, canned, imported or freeze-dried—these stable options can’t compete with ripe, seasonal fruits. Perfect strawberries, blackberries and rhubarb are out of winter hibernation and ready to be mixed, muddled, shaken and sipped in these sweet, fresh cocktails.

  • Raspberry Bellini

    This Bellini can’t get enough fresh fruit. Raspberries are blended with peaches to make a puree good enough to celebrate the very beginning of Georgia peach season. Raspberry vodka doubles-up on the berry, taking the drink from a brunch staple to a cocktail hour indulgence.

  • Cherry Bulldog

    If fake cherry flavoring is one of the worst things to happen to cocktails, real cherries are one of the best. This bright red drink uses tangy bing cherries, star anise and sugar to give gin and ruby port a sweet-tart flavor.

  • Rhubarb Fix

    Rhubarb might not be the most common spring fruit—technically, it’s a vegetable—but once you know how good it is, you’ll want to get your fix. This two-step cocktail involves creating a simple syrup using fresh rhubarb that you could then use in further cocktail experiments. This refreshing spring drink also includes sherry, gin and fresh lemon juice.

  • Strawberry Basil Margarita

    Nowadays, we’re spoiled and can find strawberries in the grocery store pretty much all year round. Even so, these little red berries taste exponentially better come spring and summer. Hot, sunny weather provides an excuse to muddle your juicy strawberries into this Margarita along with fresh basil for a twist on the classic that is both sweet and savory.

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  • Pineapple Vanilla Mojito

    Yes, spring fruits include those of the tropical variety. Just think of this one as spring break in a glass. Pineapple gives everyone’s favorite minty cocktail an infusion of fruity flavor that will taste like a vanilla-spiked trip to the Caribbean.

  • Country Thyme Cocktail

    Springtime in the country: Birds chirping, flowers blooming and fresh fruit in your cocktails. Think of this herbal mixture as a sophisticated, boozy spring lemonade. You’ll get your fix of vodka, the refreshing taste of blueberry and the thyme you didn’t even know you needed in your cocktails.