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11 Frozen Cocktails to Try Right Now

These boozy treats will cool you down in the best way possible.

Miami Vice cocktail
Miami Vice Image: / Tim Nusog

Sometimes you just want something freezing cold and delicious to help deal with the summer heat. And when you need something a little stronger than a Bomb Pop, we have your back. Whether made with a blender or by incorporating ice cream or sorbet, these 11 cocktails, ranging from true modern classics like the Pearl Diver or Miami Vice to unexpected renditions such as a frozen Mojito or Guinness float, will cool you down in the best way possible. Try one of these frozen cocktails and kiss your sweat goodbye. 

  • Sugar Baby

    Sugar Baby


    Watermelon is in its prime this time of year, so grab an extra on your next grocery run to make this boozy and fruity treat anytime you need to cool down. Watermelon’s refreshing flavor is the perfect base for bourbon and homemade fennel-infused Cocchi Americano, while a sprinkling of salt, black pepper and chopped basil keeps it all from becoming too sweet.

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  • Frozen Margarita

    Frozen Margarita / Tim Nusog

    This favorite can taste even better at home than it does at your favorite Mexican joint. Simply blend blanco tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur with ice, then pour into a salt-rimmed glass and enjoy with a side of chips and guac.

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  • Bourbon Cider Slushie

    Bourbon Cider Slushie / Tim Nusog

    Frozen cocktails can still have a little bit of fall flair. Case in point: this blend of bourbon, cinnamon-vanilla syrup, lemon juice and apple cider. Serve in a Moscow Mule mug, and garnish with an apple slice and a cinnamon stick as you dream of the cooler days ahead.

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  • Blue Hawaii

    Blue Hawaii / Tim Nusog

    Born in 1957 at a hotel in Honolulu, this drink was developed specifically to highlight blue curaçao, the liqueur that lends the cocktail its color. Add it to vodka, light rum, pineapple juice and sweet-and-sour mix and give it all a swirl in the blender, and don’t forget to garnish with a pineapple slice and cocktail umbrella. 

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  • Pearl Diver

    Pearl Diver
    John Coyle

    Spiced honey-butter-esque gardenia mix is the backbone for this Tiki cocktail. When combined with aged column-still rum, demerara rum, lime juice, orange juice and bitters, the mix makes a perfectly boozy tropical drink.

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  • Orange Sherbet Mimosa Punch

    Orange Sherbet Mimosa Punch

     Joy Wilson

    Champagne, fresh orange juice and ginger ale are like a big, bubbly Mimosa on their own, but they take on a whole bright new life when combined in a punch bowl and topped with generous scoops of orange sherbet.

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  • High on the Hog

    High on the Hog
    (Jerry Nevins / Sloshies). Jerry Nevins / Sloshies

    Bourbon and bacon make quite possibly one of the best combinations on earth. Don’t believe us? Try this cocktail. Bourbon, ginger ale, Dolin dry vermouth and maple-flavored whiskey are frozen, then topped with a strip of bacon for salty-sweet appeal.

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  • Frohito

    Frohito / Tim Nusog

    What happens when you take a Mojito and dump it in a blender? This delicious and frosty treat. Homemade mint syrup gives you all the fresh flavor of the herb without any pieces to get stuck in your teeth, and rum and lime juice complete the classic trio of tastes.

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  • Guinness Chocolate Float

    Guinness Chocolate Float / Tim Nusog

    Amp up your childhood-favorite float with a few glugs of Guinness. As a bonus, the recipe is beyond easy. Just scoop some chocolate ice cream into a glass, drizzle with chocolate syrup, then top with chilled Guinness stout.

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  • Strawberry Pisco Sour

    Strawberry Pisco Sour / Tim Nusog

    If you love a traditional Pisco Sour, try this spin when the weather heats up. Pisco, fresh lime juice, strawberry-rose syrup and an egg white are blended with ice to create a fun and fruity drink.

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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice cocktail / Tim Nusog

    Part Strawberry Daiquiri, part Piña Colada, 100% perfect. Just blend rum, strawberries and lime juice with ice and and set aside while you blend a separate batch of rum, cream of coconut, pineapple and more ice. Layer them up and garnish with a pineapple slice.

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