11 Flaming Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

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  • opinionated.alchemist.1f0d posted 1 year ago

    @creekabegmailcom1371877232 - sorry pal, but your recipe is a total perverted (and apparently wrong) version.
    A Blue Blazer is just made with cask strength scotch, water, lemon peel and demerara sugar.
    The whisky is poured lit up from one metal tankard to the other and then is added to a small cup with the lemon peel and the hot water.

    What I don’t understand in the article: why should glycerine hold back someone to drink a second zombi? Glycerine is sweet but even though it is a type of alcohol, does not have any effect on a human...?!

  • creekabegmailcom1371877232 posted 1 year ago

    One flaming drink I enjoy is the "Blue Blazer". It's a great after dinner drink. Fill a liqueur glass half way with white Creme de Menthe and then layer Southern Comfort on top of that. Light it and as soon as the Southern Comfort is warm, blow it out and enjoy. The taste of the warm, sweet Southern Comfort with the cold, dry Crème de Menthe is fantastic. Not to well known, I've had to tell bartenders how to make them. Learned it from a bartender back in the '60's. Used to try to stump her with drinks, but never did. She knew every one.

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