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10 Recipes Prove You Only Need 2 Ingredients to Make a Delicious Drink

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A long list of ingredients doesn’t guarantee a complex and flavorful cocktail. What’s more important is the quality of ingredients and how well they play off one another. You can make a plenty subtle and refreshing drink with just two ingredients and the right garnish.

But that’s only true if you pair a high-quality mixer with the right spirit. Fever-Tree has you covered for the mixers. Its gingers and tonics use natural ingredients hand-selected from small suppliers around the world—from the Ivory Coast to India. All Fever-Tree mixers deliver a uniquely irresistible flavor.

That might seem like going overboard. But remember that the mixer takes up as much as 75 percent of the drink. Your drink is far too important to take a quality shortcut by using whatever’s on sale at the supermarket.

The other key factor is knowing which spirit will complement each of these mixers. No need go through the trial and error yourself. Just make one of these mouthwatering two-ingredient cocktails. All you need is a high-quality mixer, premium spirit and fresh garnish.

  • Half Moon Bay

    Pour two ounces of Lillet blanc in a highball glass. Add ice and top with four ounces of Fever-Tree Spiced Orange ginger ale. It’s made with cold-pressed South African clementines and steam-distilled cinnamon from Sri Lanka that lends the drink a punchy citrus flavor. You can garnish it with a juicy cloved orange wedge.

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  • Smoke Show

    Start by pouring two ounces of Plantation pineapple rum in a highball glass and adding ice. Give the sweet rum a subtly smoky flavor by topping it with four ounces of Fever-Tree Smoky ginger ale, which uses pure smoke technology for a delicate, complex sweetness. Keep with the smoky theme by garnishing the drink with a charred pineapple wedge.

  • Ginger Root Lime Wonder

    Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light ginger ale is made with with fruit sugar rather than cane, giving it 48 percent fewer calories than the standard version. Add two ounces of Espolòn tequila to a highball glass, followed by ice and two ounces of the light ginger ale. Complete the refreshing low-calorie drink by garnishing with a lime wedge.

  • Fortune Highball

    This inspired twist on the highball uses Jameson Irish whiskey and Fever-Tree ginger ale. Simply mix two ounces of the whiskey with four ounces of the whiskey in a highball glass with ice. Drop in a lime wedge for a garnish.

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  • Rolling Hills Highball

    Would you prefer a more traditional highball? Use two ounces of The Glenlivet single-malt scotch and four ounces of Fever-Tree club soda instead. A lime wheel is the perfect garnish for this tweak on the classic cocktail.

  • Botanical Roots

    You’ll need for four ounces of Fever-Tree ginger beer and two ounces of Bombay Sapphire gin for this high-end gin and ginger. Pour the gin in a highball glass or mule mug. Add ice, top with the ginger beer, and garnish with a lemon wedge.

  • Sunshine Pick-Me-Up

    This refreshing apéritif mixes four ounces of Fever-Tree Premium Indian tonic water with two ounces of Campari. Combine the ingredients with ice in a highball glass, and garnish with an orange wedge.

  • Park Bench Tonic

    Go big on the botanicals by using Fever-Tree elderflower tonic water and The Botanist gin. Use the same mixer-to-spirit ratio (four ounces to two), and pour into a goblet or wine glass. Finish it off by garnishing with an orange twist.

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  • Started in Speyside

    Scotch and ginger beer are a perfect pair. Well, as long as you mix four ounces of Fever-Tree ginger beer with two ounces of The Glenlivet single-malt scotch. Use a highball glass and garnish with a lemon peel.

  • Aromatic Spritz

    OK, this is cheating since the Aromatic Spritz is a three-ingredient cocktail, but it’s just too good to leave off the list. Pour one-and-a-half ounces of Grey Goose vodka and one ounce of St-Germain in a highball glass. Add ice and top with Fever Tree Aromatic tonic water. Garnish with a lemon twist.