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Embark on These 3 Distillery Train Excursions, No Chugging Required

Tequila Herradura Express.

Tasting rooms can be such a bore. Why not take a different track to a leisurely day of sipping? These locomotive journeys come with a built-in designated driver and offer you a panoramic front-row seat to the raw material that goes into a spirit. All aboard the boozy train excursion.

  • Jose Cuervo Express

    Imagine sipping tequila and noshing on Mexican snacks while kicking back in a vintage train car watching the blue agave fields whir past. That’s what you’ll encounter on this excursion in Jalisco. Mundo Cuervo, the tourism and hospitality division of tequila brand Jose Cuervo, gives agave aficionados an experience they won’t forget. Guests can select from three different levels of luxury, including a rail car with an onboard bartender. You’ll visit La Rojeña, the oldest distillery in Latin America, in the town of Tequila. Guests will be immersed in Cuervo’s 250-year history and explore the town of Tequila and the nearby agave fields where the tequila-making process begins.

    Price: $111-$147 for adults; $98 for children ages 6-17; children 5 years and under free without an assigned seat

  • St. Nicholas Abbey Heritage Railway

    Located on the island of Barbados at St. Nicholas Abbey Great House plantation and distillery is a restored Badger locomotive that had a previous life in the U.K.’s coal and steel industry. Today, it gives visitors a peek into the 400-acre property that dates back 350 years and includes the Great House, a rum-tasting area, a bottling plant, a steam mill and a distillery. The owners’ son Simon Warren was the genesis for the project, which opened last year. The tour runs about an hour and visits villages, plantation fields and sugar cane fields. Afterward, guests have the chance to tour the Great House and taste the rums, which are a collaboration with master distiller Richard Seale of R.L. Seale and Barbados’ Foursquare rum distillery.

    Price: $30 for adults; $15 for children ages 3-17; $45 for ride plus tour and tasting

  • Tequila Herradura Express

    Roll through Jalisco on your way to Amatitián, where Herradura has been making tequila since 1870. Booking seats in the premium car is a relaxing option, with snacks and drinks on board, a distillery tour and tasting, and a Mexican lunch with entertainment provided by a mariachi band and folkloric ballet. Upgrade to the adults-only express club car, and you’ll be treated to a lounge experience with music, games and entertainment along with a server and bartender bringing you sips and apps. At the distillery, you’ll join an exclusive tour and a three-course authentic gourmet lunch with VIP seating and entertainment. For the ultimate in luxe, the express first-class car boasts spacious leather seating, flat-screen televisions and private bar service with Herradura cocktails and light snacks. At the hacienda, first-class visitors learn about the tequila process by way of a private guide before the upgraded lunch and entertainment.

    Price: $115-$135 for adults; $73 for children ages 4-12 on express club car, $135 on express first-class car; $105 for teenagers on express club car, $135 on express first-class car