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5 Coffee Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter

Roman Holiday. Image: A.J. Trela

Coffee cocktails aren’t just for brunch anymore. Besides being a conduit for caffeine, coffee (the good stuff) is full of oils and rich flavors that can pair nicely with spirits and liqueurs, especially bittersweet amari. These are five coffee cocktails from bars across the U.S. you can make at home, whether you’re entertaining or just looking for a little jolt.

  • Cafe Correcto con Coco

    Kailley Lindman

    Created at Upstairs at The Gwen in Chicago, this original recipe uses rum and whiskey with a house-made coffee cordial and coconut water, but home bartenders can easily replicate it by substituting brewed coffee and a bit of almond milk. Either way, it’s a slightly sweet, rich coffee drink that’s great for any time of day.

  • Oaxacan Tail

    Kelly Bylsma

    This mezcal- and amaro-based coffee cocktail was cooked up as a brunch drink for Esters Wine Shop & Bar in Santa Monica, Calif. This Mexican-themed drink packs a zing from agave and mole bitters and can be mellowed with a bit of cream. While the recipe calls for Foro amaro, other amari can be easily substituted, such as Ramazzotti, Cynar or Averna.

  • Italian Chocolate Martini

    Theresa O’Leary

    Head bartender Nicholas Boden invented a caffeinated, bittersweet take on the classic Chocolate Martini for his bar at Tavernonna Italian Kitchen, in Kansas City, Mo.’s Hotel Phillips. The foamy drink uses Italian amaro to complement the Italian cuisine served at the restaurant, and the drink is topped with three coffee beans meant to represent health, happiness and prosperity

  • Cold-Brew Negroni

    Rather than adding coffee as an ingredient, Pam Wiznitzer of New York City’s Seamstress infuses it straight into Campari liqueur. From there, you can make a Boulevardier or anything else with the liqueur, but the classic Negroni is the best way to go.

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  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday. A.J. Trela

    Campari liqueur and pineapple juice in your cup of joe? Yep! From Cindy’s in Chicago, this cocktail is a balancing act of bitter and sweet, with a backbone of Amaro Meletti and cold-brew coffee. Think of it as Tiki’s Italian cousin with a caffeine buzz.