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5 Can’t-Miss Cognac Classics

Ever tried a cocktail made with cognac? If you answered “no” (and even if you said “yes”), stop right there. This French spirit, known as the l’eau de vie (the water of life), is the most famous type of brandy and it hails from the region of, appropriately enough, Cognac, France. Jay Z loves it, and there’s no spirit as full of flavor when sipped on its own. But, if you still need convincing, this elixir made from fermented grapes is among the most complex spirits, lending a distinct flavor to cocktails. See how much so with these five classic cognac cocktails.

  • Vieux Carré

    This cognac-and-rye classic was invented at New Orleans’ famed Carousel Bar. It’s a potent combination of cognac, rye whiskey, orange liqueur, sweet vermouth and bitters that’s likely to put a little hair on your chest—in an endearing way. Get the recipe for the Vieux Carré.

  • Coffee Cocktail

    Okay, this easy-drinking cocktail doesn’t actually contain any coffee—or caffeine—so don’t think you’ll get any kind of energy boost from drinking it. You will, however, get high on the rich combination of port, cognac, egg and simple syrup. Get the recipe for the Coffee Cocktail.

  • French 75

    Confused why this brunch staple is on this list? Well, it may be commonly made with gin now, but it doesn’t have to be. Supposedly, there are historical instances of the recipe appearing as a mixture of cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup and Champagne. Which is better? You’ll have to decide for yourself. Get the recipe for the French 75.

  • Tom & Jerry

    The holidays are coming up, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to enjoy this decadent cocktail. First, you’ll have to mix up the Tom & Jerry Batter, which combines eggs, vanilla, rum and sugar. Then, you add a little more rum, a measure of cognac, milk and water and you’ve got yourself a feast in a glass. Think ahead, too: The Tom & Jerry brings a hint of the holidays to any occasion, year-round. Get the recipe for the Tom & Jerry.

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  • Sidecar

    This delightful cocktail is perhaps today’s most famous cognac cocktail. Classified as a sour drink, it has the perfect balance of sweet with a combination of orange liqueur, sugar and lemon juice. The next time you need a taste of liquid sunshine, this ought to work nicely. Get the recipe for the Sidecar.