5 Classic Bourbons You Should Never Forget

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  • only1gw.55e754 posted 4 days ago

    ...and classic?!?! There is nothing classic about Michter's or Bulleit. Their stories are BS!!! Brown-Forman was making Michter's for quite some time. Where are Brown-Forman products, where is Buffalo Trace, where are Wild Turkey products??? Terrible article.

  • only1gw.55e754 posted 4 days ago

    Really?!?! These are the 5?!?! Two of the products are from MGP....Liquor.com, can I write articles for you now. I clearly know more about bourbon than the bloke writing this article.

  • Charlieflintgmailcom129892304 posted 6 days ago

    What Pizzad00d said. You can't find Blanton's Green Label in the US, period (except maybe secondary markets). It's sold for international markets.

    And even Blanton's domestic is semi-allocated these days. So, while I agree it's (VERY) tasty, it's far from "...easy to find."

  • pacific posted 6 days ago

    And the first 2 on your list - Bulleit and Michter's - aren't even distillers. They just source their bourbon from unnamed sources, which may not even be in Kentucky and bottle it. Check out Chuck Cowdery's blog on the subject. Myself I'll stick to products from real distillers of quality bourbon. Four Roses, Elijah Craig and Buffalo Traces' Blanton's are all great. But so are Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey and many of Buffalo Trace's other products - so why not mention them instead of pumping these sourced products.

  • bothenjs.5efc9 posted 1 week ago

    Live in Kentucky now , home of the world's largest bourbon bar at over 1,000 bourbons

  • pizzad00d.94aca4 posted 1 week ago

    PLEASE make this guy do some RESEARCH before writing or publishing!!!!! Blanton's Special Reserve is NOT a bourbon you can purchase in the United States!!!!!! It's sold in DUTY FREE shops at international airports AND overseas, in either direction!!!!!!!!!! Blanton's Original, on the other hand, possibly. Does the writer know anything about the subject written about????

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