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  • tmcphee8 posted 1 year ago

    Evan Williams is my go to bourbon for ...everything. I've gone as far as calling it my "cooking bourbon" as it flavors anything from caramel sauce to bar b que sauce. Since too many wines spoil the cook, I figure that bourbon enhances what the cook is presenting.

  • mandolinfoxyahoocom71958266 posted 2 years ago

    Evan Williams always makes these lists. And it IS a bargain. But it is a $13 bourbon that tastes like a $20 bourbon. What I'm looking for is a $20 bourbon that tastes like a $35 bourbon. So far I have found two - Four Roses Yellow Label and Old Grandad Bottled In Bond. Does anyone know of any others?

  • pervin posted 2 years ago

    I sometimes wonder if people like Patron tequila because they can remember and pronounce the name. I hope the people that mention it have tried blancos, reposados and anejos from many other companies. Espolon reposado is a hard name for many Americans, but worth memorizing. :)

  • billvill posted 2 years ago

    Add Buffalo Trace Bourbon, as well.

  • sweetie43 posted 2 years ago

    i need patron

  • billvill posted 2 years ago

    I'd go for Tito's vodka at (+/-) $16 for 750ml. Excellent every day sip.

  • reddhawk posted 3 years ago

    I tried looking for the bourbon whiskeys on this listing in Boise, Idaho. No joy! The state only allows a few of them, however none of them are $25 or less.

  • JeffVitkun posted 3 years ago

    Awesome web reading. Some of these I have tried and really liked them. Would love to talk with other people/bartenders out there and see what they think.
    Thanks, Jeff.

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