7 Cask-Strength Whiskeys You Should Try

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  • kenf.ea530a posted 6 months ago

    Two more for the list - Cask strength Maker's Mark -- amazing stuff, way beyond what I thought MM was capable of, not crazy expensive, and a big surprise -- and (if you can find it) AG Laws Cask Strength Rye -- perhaps my favorite rye in production right now. I know I'm from Colorado, but this stuff is great.

  • rbikr.6e406 posted 6 months ago

    The best whisk(e)y on this list is the Aberlour. Wow. An I like bourbon much more than scotch.
    The best deal is between the Four Roses and the Redbreast, but the Aberlour is probably worth the extra coin, too.
    You can leave out anything with apples or a price over $100 and instead grab a bottle of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. 12 years old. Several releases per year so we're starting to see more in stores. Every bottle is a flavor explosion, just no apple flavor.

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