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3 Recipes Prove Ultra-Premium Tequila Is Perfect for the Holidays

There are a lot of drinks associated with the holidays. Eggnogs and Hot Toddies are as symbolic of winter as snowmen and gingerbread houses. Those drinks have come to holiday prominence because they’re soothing and delicious.

But do you know what’s even more soothing and delicious? Pure tequila.

A drop in temperature doesn’t change the crisp, smooth taste of Casa Dragones Blanco. In fact, the ultra-premium tequila can elevate the kind of simple, fortifying cocktails you crave during the holidays.

Consider these three recipes a gift from Casa Dragones. Make one for friends and family to spread good cheer and pure tequila.

  • Dragones Rocks

    The holidays can get complicated. If you’re traveling far, shopping last minute or preparing an elaborate meal, give yourself a break and keep the drinks simple. All you need to enjoy Casa Dragones Blanco is a twist of lime, lemon or grapefruit. When you have 100 percent pure blue agave tequila, no mixers are required.

  • Winter Flower

    The Hot Toddy has been warned. Its days as the go-to winter cocktail are numbered, thanks to this delicious mix of hibiscus tea, Casa Dragones Blanco tequila and more. This warm cocktail makes something clear: Pure tequila is delicious at any temperature.

  • Dragones Sunset

    Yellow Chartreuse and carrot and orange juice all combine to give this savory cocktail its gorgeous sunset color. Casa Dragones Blanco adds some crisp, smooth flavor to the recipe, leading to a savory cocktail that’s perfect for any holiday occasion.