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5 Brandy Cocktails to Make in Five Minutes or Less

Side by Sidecar cocktail

Brandy, where would we be without it? A spirit made by distilling wine, brandy is found all over the world (cognac, on the other hand, has to be made in Cognac, France to earn that title). A versatile spirit, brandy can be made from a plethora of different types of fruit, bringing items like apple brandy and eau de vie into the market. While brandy is typically sipped neat after dinner, this rich spirit can certainly hold its own in many cocktails. Give these drinks a try the next time you want to test these fruity, boozy waters—fast.

  • Brandy Alexander

    Let’s start with a classic, shall we? The Brandy Alexander is a three-ingredient creamy classic that will set your brandy adventures off right. The combination of cream and crème de cacao is not for the sweet-tooth adverse, but believe it when we say that this drink has kept up with the times for a reason. Simple, rich, decadent and boozy. Any questions?

  • Corpse Reviver No. 1

    Though the Corpse Reviver No. 2 may be the popular choice among the myriad Corpse Reviver cocktails out there, the cognac-forward No. 1 deserves honorable mention. This booze-heavy cocktail brings together sweet vermouth, cognac and apple brandy for a sweet, slightly fruity drink with enough alcohol in there to pack up your hangover and send it moving along.

  • Betsy Ross

    The next time you’re feeling Patriotic, give this cocktail a try. Named after the infamous maker of the American flag, the Betsy Ross is a cocktail made with brandy, red port, orange curaçao and a healthy dose of Angostura bitters. The spirits combine to create a nice red color the original seamstress would have approved of.

  • Side by Sidecar

    The Sidecar is the sugar-rimmed golden cocktail loved by many. Time then for a twist: The Side by Sidecar takes the original cocktail and adds pomegranate liqueur for tartness and a fruitier flavor. Of course, the sugar rim makes every sip a sweet occasion. Ready to take this one for a spin?

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  • Bacchanalian

    For many, a snifter of brandy replaces the late-night glass of wine after dinner. Why not pair them together? This cocktail combines the cognac and merlot for the ultimate grape adventure. To ease the assault, lemon juice and agave are included for a sweet and citrusy touch. Drink this one when you don’t want the night to end.