10 Bourbon Drinks to Try Now

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  • Princess.Donna.Luvz.Penguins posted 12 months ago

    Bourbon girl forever! Neat or in a sour, Old Fashioned, whatever... I love it!

  • subina posted 2 years ago

    If anyone ever comes back to this post..... I added just a tiny drizzle of Grade A Amber Maple Syrup and gave the drink one little stir. That little hint of maple is delicious. Bourbon goes with coffee, bourbon goes with maple, so why not?

  • jmdidday posted 4 years ago

    The revolver is 3 parts bourbon to 1 part Kahlua, so it's not taking away too much from the bourbon, and it might just turn your wife on to the idea of bourbon.

  • kennyk17 posted 4 years ago

    God created bourbon...?

  • reslymorgado posted 4 years ago

    Liquor Become Sweet and Friendly.

  • Louise posted 4 years ago

    You're right, Chris. Recently I've seen drinks using elderberry liquor, hibiscus flowers, and other esoteric ingredients that will be used once and then forgotten until you reach for it and the cap is cemented to the bottle. Straight-up sounds perfectly fine to me. Why mess around with something that's close to perfect anyway?

  • Chris posted 4 years ago

    You know, they do sound good, but you've got a list of recipes here like I've seen elsewhere that require a tiny amount of something that I might not normally have in my liquor/spice cabinet and I'll end up having sit around for years. Guess I'll stick with drinking my bourbon the way God intended... straight up

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