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Boozy Holiday Party Essentials

Break out the holiday movies, tune in to seasonal music, and most importantly, start pinning cocktails to make at your Christmas party. The merry season is upon us, and that means lots of celebrating (read: drinking) and gift giving. Whether it’s your office white elephant exchange or you just want to show everyone a good time, these are the holiday accessories you need this season. Bonus: They're all on Amazon.

  • Santa Drinking Hat ($15)

    If you’re looking to be the hit of Santa Con this year, this one’s a must-have. Insert your brew of choice and enjoy drinking wherever you go.

  • Christmas Baubles ($14)

    We’re a big fan of boozy Christmas tree ornaments, and with these fillable vessels, you can make your own. The baubles are food-safe and include a hook so you can hang them on your tree as soon as they’re full.

  • Stocking Flask ($15)

    Hang this on the mantle during a holiday party, and brace yourself for all the rowdiness.

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  • Holiday Drinking Buddies ($12)

    If you’re looking for a constant drinking buddy, these little garnishes will be your companion. You may have seen their all-year version before, but these guy’s swim trunks are red and green to match the season.

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  • Wine Condoms ($14)

    Need something that's guaranteed to make everyone laugh at the annual gift exchange? Not only are these wine condoms hilarious, they’re also totally functional.

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  • Ugly Sweater Drinking Game ($10)

    If you’re the one hosting this year’s seasonal gathering, make sure the conversation never goes stale with a drinking game. There’s nothing like some themed challenges to liven up the party.

  • Ugly Sweater Drinking Straws ($13)

    Every good holiday party has delicious drinks, and these paper straws will make every beverage look even more festive. Plus, you’ll feel good about using paper versus plastic.

  • Ugly Sweater Bottle Covers ($13)

    Even your home bar needs a festive look. These small holiday sweaters can adorn all your bottles and will probably make you smile every time you pour a drink.