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Boozy Halloween Party Essentials

The obligatory Halloween party—somebody’s got to throw it, right? No one wants to pay cover at a crowded bar full of unwieldy costumes and cheesy decorations. If you’re taking up the task this year, we’ve put together some drinking essentials for your Halloween party.

  • Jell-O Shot Syringes ($21)

    Put your Jell-O shots in these syringes for some added fun. Bonus points if you dress up as a doctor or nurse so you have a reason to “inject” people.

  • Skull Shot Glass Set ($12)

    For all the shots throughout the night, these skull glasses will be perfect. They’re larger than average for a shot glass, so you could serve any neat pours in them as well.

  • Inflatable Cauldron Cooler ($17)

    Ditch your traditional cooler for this inflatable cauldron cooler, which holds about 48 12-ounce cans.

  • Lighted Party Fountain ($25)

    A good Halloween party is dark, so this light-up punch bowl will be much needed. It holds up to one gallon, and the extension spouts make it easy for guests to serve themselves.

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  • Halloween Sugar Skull Party Game ($10)

    Every good party has a drinking game. This skeleton “Drink If” game is super simple and will get the party going.

  • Blood Bags for Drinks ($14)

    For another spooky doctor theme, you could serve party drinks out of these “blood bags.” They come with straws, so drinking out of them will be spill-free.