10 Really Bizarre Cocktail Names

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  • 8bitmadness posted 1 year ago

    I remember one called the Cement Mixer. Start by sucking on a lime. Like, really get the lime juice in your mouth. Then, take a shot of Bailey's. There's also Bull Sweat, which is 2 parts vodka and 1 part hot sauce, the hotter the better.

  • DJDocSinister posted 2 years ago

    Sinister Blood- Named for yours truly, Doc Sinister, host of the Morning Mayhem Show on Terre Haute Indiana's WXXR X97.3 FM, The Bird.

    Start with a Half Gallon of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.
    Fix yourself a Rum and Coke to drink while making this drink to make room in the half gallon for :
    Half of the juice from a jar of stemless maraschino cherries. Set the rum aside. Now, refill the cherry jar with Everclear, cap and store for 3 weeks. After the wait, using tall glasses, add ice, a double shot of the cherry infused rum, and fill to the 3/4 mark with Country Time. Add the cherry juice/Everclear mixture until the drink is blood red. Throw 2-3 of the cherries in the Sinister Blood, and enjoy!!!

  • gary.elliott.9862 posted 3 years ago

    "Time to Lick the Donkey" The name relates to my young daughter misunderstanding a line in the song Dominick the Donkey. Anyway, the recipe is here: http://docelliott.net/2014/09/14/time-to-lick-the-donkey/

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