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6 Best Cocktails to Mix Before Bed

Whether you’ve had a long day at work or watching the sunset on a lazy Sunday, you deserve a quality nightcap.

While most people limit themselves to a basic glass of something brown (neat or, at the most, on the rocks), there’s a world of witching-hour recipes that everyone should add into their late-night line-up.

From autopilot, two-ingredient balancing acts to homemade floral syrups and an interesting use for red wine, you have to try these seven sleep-inducing nightcaps.

  • Manhattan

    Tim Nusog

    This is a classic that has remained on menus around the world for good reason. It’s easy to make, easy on the eyes and goes down smoothly.

    Mix up this three-ingredient whiskey standard and kick those shoes off.

  • Lavender Honey Cream

    You’ll start feeling pleasantly sleepy just reading the ingredient list. Lavender Honey Syrup? Yes, please. The drink is unique among nightcaps in that it has a vodka base, but trust us, the final product is a rich, calming sipper.

    This creamy, smooth drink is the perfect end to any—or every—day.

  • Scotch and Soda

    Simple and straightforward, the Scotch and Soda. Sometimes at the end of a long day, all you want to do is bust out a book (or, let’s be honest, re-watch a sitcom on Netflix) and sip something nice.

    This unfussy standby is a perfect way to enjoy your Scotch and unwind.

  • Hot Toddy

    The Hot Toddy is known for its curative properties, but it’s just as good to shepherd in a pleasant night’s sleep.

    When the days get shorter and the weather turns colder, grab a blanket, put the kettle on and mix this warm, evening classic.

    The Toddy is also nice because it can be made with a variety of whiskies, depending on your preference.

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  • New York Sour

    For a drink that’s named for the city that never sleeps, the New York Sour is a great way to end the night.

    Essentially a Whiskey Sour, this pre-Prohibition spin adds a red-wine float that looks great and tastes even better. Warning: It might leave you wanting one more before turning in.

  • French Connection

    Like the Gene Hackman movie of the same name, this cocktail is a classic that stands the test of time.

    Simple and effective, the recipe calls for equal measures of Cognac (use something young, no need to break out the XO) and an amaretto, like the almond-y Disaronno. Build it in an Old Fashioned glass and enjoy.