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The Best Gin at Any Price

Image: Elizabeth Reyes

You know who knows best which bottles to buy? The people who pour and sell drinks—that’s who. We asked dozens of top bartending and spirits industry professionals to tell us which bottles they love and why.

Heads up: The numerical order below is not organized by importance or quality; it’s an alphabetical list, not a ranking. Prices are averages and can vary from state to state.

  • Aria Portland Dry ($30)

    “This is truly one of the most versatile and affordable gins on the market. It is a classic London dry style, is perfectly balanced and has beautifully layered notes of citrus, coriander, cardamom and pepper that make me want to use it in just about every cocktail.”—Anna Moss, bartender at Portland, Ore.'s La Moule

  • Aviation American ($40)

    “This was the spirit that totally turned me onto gin after having one too many rough nights back in high school. For those that aren't the biggest fans of juniper, this is the gin to try.”—Brett Esler, bartender at Austin's Whisler's

  • Barr Hill ($41)

    “It’s simple, rich and brilliant.”—David Y. Dong, bartender at New York City's North End Grill

  • Beefeater ($17)

    “This is a beloved classic gin that works beautifully in many classic cocktails.”—Neal Bodenheimer, owner and bartender at New Orleans' Cane & Table and Cure

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  • The Botanist Islay Dry ($38)

    “This great juniper and herbal gin from Islay is fantastic in a Gin & Tonic with some rosemary.”—Sam Willy, restaurant manager at New York City's Gabriel Kreuther

  • Brooklyn ($45)

    “I really love how crisp and citrusy this gin is. It makes a standout sour and one of the best Gin & Tonics I have ever had.”—Nicholas Bennett, head bartender at New York City's Porchlight

  • Cadenhead's Old Raj ($41)

    “With a hint of saffron, this overproof gin makes a bangin' Martini.”—Matthew Voss, head bartender at Minneapolis' Marvel Bar

  • Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish ($40)

    “A botanical that’s not the norm is gunpowder green tea. I was surprised at how much of the gunpowder green tea you get in the nose and taste. It’s a truly interesting gin that’s dry, citric and spicy.”—Juyoung Kang, lead bartender at Las Vegas' Dorsey

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  • Fords ($26)

    “Clean and bright, this gin is meant for Martinis, and I love Martinis.”—Kellie Thorn, bar manager at Atlanta's Empire State South

  • Gin Mare ($40)

    “This Spanish gin made from olives, basil, rosemary and thyme makes the perfect Gin & Tonic. Soft and elegant yet with a slight brininess from the olives, it also bodes well in a Martini. It’s a versatile gin that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in cocktails.”—Alicia Walton, owner and bartender at San Francisco's Sea Star

  • Glendalough ($45)

    “It's an Irish gin that uses fresh, not dried, botanicals. The nose is killer, with a ton of floral notes, but the taste is more pepper and spice. I love this gin so, so much.”—Michelle Szot, general manager at Chicago's Split-Rail

  • Greenhook Ginsmiths ($40)

    “This delicate yet sophistic Brooklyn gin is distilled under pressure with organic botanicals that leaves them bright and crisp. It’s available outside of New York for the first time. I sure hope to find this in my stocking!”—Keli Rivers, bartender at San Francisco's Whitechapel and brand ambassador for Monkey 47

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  • Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry ($50)

    “This is the most botanical-forward gin you can have. It’s simply the best.”—Mario Flores, bartender at Chicago's Maple & Ash

  • Nolet’s ($45)

    “It is made with rose peach and raspberry and is fragrant and floral—delicious in cocktails or by itself.”—Willy

  • Oxley Cold Distilled London Dry ($46)

    “This is more citrus-forward. The cold distillation preserves all the aromas. It makes fantastic Martinis.”—Willy

  • Perry's Tot Navy Strength ($36)

    “Versatile and delicious, this gin by New York Distilling Company is high enough proof for life’s needs.”—Dong

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  • Plymouth ($30)

    “This is a smooth, elegant gin that tones back on the juniper. If I am in the mood for a Martini or Gibson and want to relax with it, I’m reaching for this gin.”—Bennett

  • Prairie Organic ($18)

    “It’s reasonably priced, Midwestern and delicious.”—Szot

  • Russell Henry Dark ($55)

    “It’s probably the best aged gin that I've had. You still taste all of the gin qualities but it’s weighty enough to sip alone or use for stirred drinks.”—Bodenheimer

  • Sipsmith London Dry ($33)

    “For a Martini drinker, I highly suggest Sipsmith as a gift. Sipsmith is a remarkable gin distilled in copper pot stills and is beautifully dry but with a slight bright citrusy finish. I love it in a dry Martini with a twist.”—Cari Hah, bar manager at Los Angeles' Big Bar

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  • Sipsmith V.J.O.P. ($48)

    “The way this drinks, you wouldn't think it's overproof. With lots of juniper and pine, it has a more rich, weighty mouthfeel, without being too cloying, while keep lots of citrus on the palate.”—Brian Means, bartender at San Francisco's Mina Group

  • St. George Terroir ($35)

    “This gin is delicious and unique and successfully bottles the sense of a place. It’s transportive.”—Thorn

  • Uncle Val's Botanical ($34)

    “This gin is like taking a relaxing walk through the garden. You first notice a beautiful florality before moving onto fresh herbs, cucumbers and lemon trees in the distance. Amazing!”—Mindy Magers, general manager at Oklahoma City’s Pritchard Wine Bar

  • The Walter Collective ($29)

    “I love this gin so much. It uses Italian juniper, so it’s much softer than most juniper-forward gins (great for anyone who is normally juniper sensitive), and it’s full of grapefruit and citrus flavor and a little hint of cardamom.”—Aaron Paul, bar director at San Francisco's Alta CA

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  • Xoriguer de Mahon ($46)

    “This is a gin not made from grain but from grapes. With botanicals from nearby mountains, this gin is piney, with a good mouthfeel, and herbaceous. Like Plymouth gin, it’s one of the only gins to have a geographical indication.”—Kang