The 7 Best First-Date Drinks

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  • jacob.crim.104 posted 3 years ago

    I try to tell my best friend that Vodka is pretty much garbage but he never listens. He thinks its the perfect alcohol, I guess its because he doesn't want to taste anything. And at best vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol.

  • posted 3 years ago

    well said folks, i'd rather keep cool and alive on my first date, i don't take any disadvantages from my opposite date. . .lol

  • jdcollens posted 3 years ago

    "3. You have to know how pronounce it (“voe-car-ehhh”)"

    Bull. I'm from New Orleans, have ordered this drink in multiple bars, and know this is wrong. You got the second word right (accent on the last syllable, though). The first word should never rhyme with "woe" - only if it were spelled "veaux." Alas, this is "vieux." As such, it should be pronounced much like the word "view," only short and with more of a staccato sound.

  • koonkat posted 3 years ago

    Shot & a beer on a first date??? Do you want to have a good time or just get trashed and never see your date again?

    Gin & Tonic. Well Gin is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Go BIG or go home. Tanqueray or better please. Save the headache and the small change difference for someone else.

  • bryan.j.maloney posted 3 years ago

    1. Many bartenders these days have no clue about making a martini and presume "vodka" unless told otherwise.
    2. Many bartenders these days have no clue what "dry martini" means and think it means "wave a little bit of vermouth vaguely in the direction of the glass" instead of "use dry vermouth".
    3. Many bartenders think that a 1:10 martini is "wet" and their eyes bug out when you insist on a 1:5.
    4. Many bartenders automatically pour olive brine into the "martini" they make. Why? Because vodka has no flavor, and the idiots who think that kangaroos are "martinis" use it as a source of flavor.
    Thus, to get any sort of real martini, you have to say something like "Martini, gin, dry vermouth, one to five, no brine." A which point your date thinks you're probably a serial killer.

  • bryan.j.maloney posted 3 years ago

    A beer and a shot with clear liquor? I bet it's (bleagh) vodka. BROWN liquor goes with beer. Anything else is just more hipster garbage.

  • jameskiester1970 posted 3 years ago

    "Ah, the Manhattan. A masterpiece of the pre-Prohibition era, this drink is a perfect order for a first date. It is an understated mark of taste without the requisite eye-roll that accompanies a Martini order." - Why would someone roll their eyes at a Martini?

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