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  • jp.8a545f8 posted 3 years ago

    Slide 5 of 6: Tapatio Blanco is actually aged for 8 months in stainless. sethomas34.febad: Check out for info on better deals. angelamackenthunyahoocom115281: the Sauza family is indeed quite storied, but generally, producers who make mixtos don't have their other products highlighted in this kind of forum. If you think Tapatio is a disappointment, you've clearly never had it. Six generations of distillers at La Alteña have produced some of the world's most highly sought after tequilas, including (but not limited to) El Tesoro, Excellia, and Tequila Ocho.

  • piersd posted 3 years ago

    For me Cabrito Reposado should have been here. It's a sippable tequila for $20 a bottle, amazing

  • angelamackenthunyahoocom115281 posted 3 years ago

    LefT out Sauza Hornitos Reposado, coming from the longest family of tequilas. The tequilas you have mentioned are a disappointment.

  • sethomas34.febad posted 3 years ago

    I would love to be able to find Tapatio for $30 these days. The only online retailer I have seen that ships here has it for $39, and one in NY has the 100 proof for $51.

  • Kellimac posted 3 years ago

    If you're ever in Texas Try Pepe Zevada "Z Tequila" - It's based in ATX and won a double gold in San Francisco.

  • k.devinwren.c0007 posted 3 years ago

    Left out Milagro Silver.

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