Are These the 8 Best Bourbons Not from Kentucky?

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  • Rogerb39 posted 2 months ago

    Widow Jane 10yr. Funny thing, I live in Washington and while I do enjoy Woodinville, I order Widow Jane from New York.

  • rbikr.6e406 posted 2 months ago

    Feel free to substitute the aforementioned Breckenridge for the Bowman. I love the Bowman and continue to buy it, but its mashed and distilled at Buffalo Trace in Kentucky before being shipped to Virginia to be distilled 1-2 more times before being aged in the Commonwealth. Its also 100 proof, not 10, obviously.

  • posted 2 months ago

    There is a typo in the Bowman description. This bourbon is 100 proof, not 10 proof.

  • whitewolf521.2aed14 posted 2 months ago

    Great lost. I will try them if I can find them. Have you tried any of the non traditional Feisty Spirits Bourbons? They have four distinctly different Bourbons each with a very different flavor profile, character and personality which give a very unique experience. They have a Blue Corn and Rye Bourbon, A yellow corn Bourbon with Spelt and Rye called Better Days, a Red Corn, Triticale, Oat Bourbon with bold oak character and a Red, White and Blue Corn Bourbon using all three corns but no yellow to get the diversity of corn flavors from each other. Check them out!

  • iseldin.a78e3 posted 2 months ago

    The only bourbons on the list that I have had are F.E.W. and Wyoming Whiskey. F.E.W., like far too many American whiskeys coming out of the craft spirits movement of the last ten years, is young; but worse, it tastes young. This is not a condemnation of the product. Overall, it's a very good whiskey. However, to be a great whiskey, which I believe it can be, it needs a whole bunch of years barrelled in oak and occasionally rolled for the juice to get full contact with the char.
    Wyoming, on the other hand, has a decent amount of age, so that vegal, or breakfast cereal taste isn't there, as it is with other, young and younger craft whiskeys. The nose is full and sweet, while the mouth is surprisingly spicy, considering the secondary grain is wheat and there is no rye in its mash bill. While I only have had the regular, 88 proof version of Wyoming Whiskey, the barrel strength line looks like something worth trying.

  • davidclark1119gmailcom13464556 posted 2 months ago

    Ranger Creek's .36 Special from San Antonio is simply amazing. Y'all should check this one out!!

  • mrfsealahhotmailcom118104470 posted 2 months ago

    I can't believe you don't have Breckenridge Bourbon from Colorado listed. It is THE best, ever. And this from a nearly life-long Jack Daniels drinker.

  • Nchanny posted 2 months ago

    Breckinridge Bourbon from Colorado is also very good. It retails for about $50.

  • dancepig posted 2 months ago

    So many bourbons, so little time. We have been enjoying Smuggler's Notch from Vermont, and Breckenridge from Colorado. Breckenridge is more of a rectified bourbon but Smuggler's Notch is the real thing. Smuggler's Notch also makes a whiskey called Litigation. Not thrilled with the name but love the whiskey!

  • Craig_Webster posted 2 months ago

    I have not tried all of these, but I do know that Stein Distillery in Wallowa Oregon makes a fine Bourbon and Ry Whiskey. To my taste, it is better (and a little cheaper) that Dry Fly or Woodinville.

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