10 of the Most Beautiful Hotel Bars

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  • ggrubepaaolcom457643055 posted 7 months ago

    Another beautiful bar that should be included is the lobby bar at the Hilton Americas - Houston. It's waterfall into the lobby and stunning relief map of the word, along with its other appointments make it one of the most beautiful bars I've ever seen.
    One place to see a photo is TripAdvisor (tripadvisor.com), for Hilton Americas Houston,
    Under [Photos > Dining]
    I'm sure that there are more photos on other travel sites too.

  • RioLonghorn posted 7 months ago

    We enjoyed cocktails at sunset with friends at the Rosewood Hotel Bar in San Miguel de Allende ...
    this bar ranks right up there with your top 10 !

  • marianparoo1yahoocom728380884 posted 7 months ago

    How can I suggest a bar for such a list? I can think of two in Tel Aviv!

  • gadflyonthewall posted 7 months ago

    Where's the Oak Room? Top of the Mark? The Sir Francis Drake Starlight Room? Trader Vic's? The Ritz? Harry's Bar Americaine?

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