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3 BACARDÍ Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter

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Low temps, hot drinks—the physics of winter imbibing seems embarrassingly obvious, yet every year, we fumble through the start of the season forgetful of the fact that heated booze, when handled properly, can make for a glorious cocktail. And no spirit takes to a spike in temperature quite like rum. Here are three BACARDÍ cocktails from bar star Juan Coronado to keep you warm this winter.

  • Rum Cider

    This boozy hot cider touches all the bases: BACARDÍ Carta Oro gold rum, apple cider, chamomile tea and a one-two punch of simple syrup and citrus to round out the edges. For an added snap of seasonal spice, don’t miss the grated nutmeg garnish.

  • Winter Charm

    The season’s best sippers bring a little brightness to the warm and fuzzy. The Winter Charm cocktail does exactly that—a balancing act of spiced and tropical flavors held together by a backbone of BACARDÍ Black rum. And if barley syrup sounds too strenuous an undertaking, don’t worry—it’s easier to make (and more delicious) than you think.

  • Rum Fireplace

    Kick your feet up beside this winter-worthy cocktail, a cozy blend of BACARDÍ Ocho eight-year-old rum, cinnamon-star anise syrup and a trio of fresh fruit juices. Be sure to make extra syrup as it’s an easy way to winterize your favorite classic drinks.