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8 Cocktails to Drink on Cinco de Mayo Instead of a Margarita

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This twist on the Old Fashioned is far from out of touch.

Everyone loves the Margarita. But if that’s the only tequila cocktail you’re having on Cinco de Mayo, you’re playing it way too safe. Break the routine this year by trying one of these eight surprising and delicious tequila cocktails.

Of course, you can use any leftover Azuñia tequila in a batch of Margaritas. But don’t be surprised if sipping one of these non-Margaritas becomes a new Cinco de Mayo tradition.

  • Rosalee’s Downfall

    This cocktail is easy to fall for.

    This crisp cocktail by Mat Snapp of Fox Restaurant Concepts features an alluring mix of floral flavors and organic blanco tequila. The artful use of rose petal mango liqueur, along with the rose and lime garnish, make it a favorite on Valentine’s Day, in addition to Cinco de Mayo.

    Discover how to make this irresistible cocktail.

  • Raise to the Fraise

    It’s tough to think of a better way to use fresh strawberries than this.

    Cinco de Mayo is one of the first holidays of summer. So what could be better than a refreshing cocktail that highlights the fruity notes of Azuñia añejo tequila? Be sure to have some fresh strawberries and mesquite honey syrup before making this one.

    Need the recipe for this invigorating cocktail?

  • Happenstance

    Don’t leave it up to chance. Make this cocktail for yourself.

    There’s an idea from Chinese folklore that the creation of tea is by “pure improbability, not the work or results of man.” The same could be said for this cocktail, featuring an unexpected and delicious mix of Azuñia blanco tequila, apricot brandy, green tea syrup, yuzu and lemon juice. It may not be clear how these ingredients came together, but the guests at your Cinco de Mayo party will be glad they did.

    You can find the unexpectedly delicious recipe here.

  • Cerveza Fresa

    The Cerveza Fresa is the ideal meeting of beer and tequila.

    Any good Cinco de Mayo party will have beer and tequila. Take yours further by bringing the two together in this mouthwatering cocktail. Keep it authentic by using Mexican lager and blanco tequila.

    Get the rest of the recipe.

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  • Vera Blanco

    The Vera Blanco fits in at Cinco de Mayo parties and the spa.

    It’s no surprise this cocktail is so soothing, considering it features ingredients like aloe vera liqueur and cucumber juice. There’s no better way to have a relaxing Cinco de Mayo.

    How to make this comforting cocktail.

  • Amatitán Old Fashioned

    This twist on the Old Fashioned is far from out of touch.

    Class up your Cinco de Mayo with this extra refined take on the Tequila Old Fashioned. The delicious cocktail shows that tequila and rum can do more than co-exist in a recipe.

    Learn how to make it yourself.

  • Sonoran Sunrise

    This isn’t your average tequila sunrise.

    Sure, you could settle for a standard tequila sunrise. But wouldn’t you rather enjoy a cocktail with orange curaçao, prickly pear syrup and yuzu juice? It’s a special occasion after all.

    This is how you make a Sonoran Sunrise.

  • Azuñia Paloma

    If you’re going to have an iconic tequila cocktail, make it a Paloma.

    Many think the Paloma is a more beloved cocktail in Mexico than the Margarita. And it’s hard to argue, especially when you try one made with Azuñia blanco tequila, with a little pamplemousse liqueur added for good measure.

    Enjoy a new take on a Mexican classic.