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  • pouringpro posted 7 months ago

    Speaking Ski Bars that Sparkle, How about some SNOW BIZZ: Think Drinks, Pure as Driven Snow

    As a mixologist who gets supercharged by intense weather events, the Blizzard/snowstorm is the main event. The raw power of the blizzard is transformed into some of the purest snow. I will Blend it, Compress and refreeze it, Melt and Cube it, and yes, plow it, snow blow it, shovel it, ski it and snowboard it too!

    So dive deep into a drift and get yourself a pile of blizzard snow and let's get Chillin', #connecticutschoolofbartending style.

    Let's Get Plowed!
    First collect a bunch of pure blizzard snow. Wait until storm has been raging for a few hours.
    That way the air has cleared and snow is as clean as it can get.

    Blizzard Ice; - melt snow and refreeze in block or cubes for cocktails or for blending.( add zests. herbs, colors to enhance cocktails. Think Mojito ice cubes)
    SNICE;-make snowballs and then freeze hard. Great for enjoying a bit of scotch or bourbon,
    or perhaps a Snow Cone or Frappe of your favorite liquor/liqueur. In this case just refreeze snowball briefly.

    Let's get the party started with a great drink for your first break from boarding/skiing, plowing or shoveling.
    This will get you pumped up for round two with Mother Nature. For you coffee lovers, enjoy my Hot Shot recipe. 50 percent hot coffee and 50 percent Baileys, Kahlua and Irish Whiskey.

    The Downhill Takedown, aka The Ski Bum:

    Muddle dash of bitters, 1 teaspoon of agave syrup, a slice of lime and a green(red if necessary) maraschino cherry. Ice rocks glass with Blizzard Ice add 1 1/2 oz. of Casamigos or Patron Blanco (any primo tequila will do) and add a splash of club soda. The drink is consumed through a short straw in one swoop like a Mind Eraser.

    Chilling out in front of the fire after a long day on the slopes? Well, lets get that Blender cranked up and make some Snorbet or Blizzard Ice Cream. Hey, we can dream Summer after an intense day wrestling with Mother Nature! So try one of these.


    The Mojito Ice Cream Soda:

    Blend up some Mojito Snorbet: Ingredients: Ice, mint leaves, mint jelly and fresh lime juice and a bit of lime zest. Add all ingredients to blender. Blend. Then add Bacardi rum slowly to the blending mixture until you can just taste it and then put in freezer to firm up. It flakes when you scoop it and creates a drift effect on top of your favorite Mojito recipe.
    Scoop of Mojito Sherbet on top of a Mojito equals a Mojito Ice Cream Soda!

    For all you Bourbon drinking "Chillennials" and "Sipsters"; take a walk on the wild side with this cool customer and have some fun before serious late night sipping.

    The Jack Daniels Coke Float:

    Blend up some JD Blizzard ice cream: Vanilla extract, Half and Half, and organic cane syrup to taste. Blend.
    Add JD( of course you may use your favorite bourbon or rye) slowly to the mixture while blending until you can just taste it.

    Put in freezer to firm up. Big Scoop on top of Jack and Coke. Made the first one of these back late 70's.

    Do not stir!! Just sip through a straw and the flavor profile will change throughout the drink, from pure Bourbon and Coke to a true Ice Cream Soda.

    The McSlide:

    Blend: 3/4 oz. Baileys, 1/3 oz. Kahlua and 2/3 oz. Jameson with heavy cream or Half & Half, and "Blizzard Ice". Once blended add shaved chocolate and blend for 2 seconds. Garnish with touch of whipped cream made with a bit of the same liqueurs add a shaved chocolate curl.
    Key Blending Preparation Note. Fill presentation glass with ice and cover with ingredients and dump into blender. This is a simple way to avoid over icing.

    For a Winter Warmer, during breaks in the action, or at he end of the day, perhaps a bit of Blizzard Ice Cream on top of your coffee?
    Snow Long, Time for a Blizzard Beverage!

  • pouringpro posted 7 months ago

    Here is a great one for you Black Diamond Downhilllers!!
    The Downhill Takedown: Muddle dash of bitters, 1/2 teaspoon organic sugar and a 1/2 teaspoon
    of agave syrup with a slice of lime and a green maraschino cherry in rocks glass. Next: Ice rocks glass, add
    1 1/2 oz. of Patron Silver and a splash of club soda. The drink is consumed through a short straw.
    So we have a Tequila Old Fashioned consumed Mind Eraser style. Straight Down Hill!!!

  • jgulvikhoulihanscom1104734207 posted 7 months ago

    Got any recos for where to apres at Squaw?

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