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All The Summer Booze Trends You Need To Know

Image: Bridge Lane Wine

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, marking the unofficial start of summer, which is arguably the best season for drinking. And just as there must be a song of summer everyone’s dancing to, there’s invariably a drinking trend or two that dominates the warm weather season. This is what we predict to be most popular this year.

  • Rosé All Day

    This one is definitely not new, but it's taking a few new forms this year, most notably in the form of kegs. That’s right—you can now get your delicious pink drink delivered in a 19.5-liter keg (the equivalent of 26 bottles) right to your door for $240. If you’re rosé-ed out, you can also get kegs of chardonnay, white merlot, sauvignon blanc or a red blend from Bridge Lane, a wine label based in Long Island, N.Y. If a keg is a bit aggressive, you can also indulge your craving with a 40-ounce bottle or in boozy seltzer form.

  • Boozy Seltzers

    America’s love of LaCroix has gone boozy, spurring a boom in boozy seltzers in a variety of flavors and alcohol strengths. White Claw, Spiked Seltzer and Nauti Seltzer are just a few of the brands you can try out, along with recognizable brands like Smirnoff getting in on the game this year.

  • Canned Is Cool

    Part of the seltzer appeal might just be the ease of drinking out of a can. As we saw last year with more canned craft cocktails coming on the market, the trend continues this year with plenty more summery drinks available in the convenient packaging. Malibu is making a canned Piña Colada, and Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha is bringing a lesser-known cocktail to the forefront. There are so many more that we can barely keep track.

  • Sangria Summer

    We always see Sangria spike around this time of year, but this time, the news is dominated by a Sangria that’s said to have magical boozy powers. Some are saying this one’s the new Four Loko.

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  • Zima. Seriously.

    Last summer, MillersCoors debuted a limited re-release of ’90s nostalgia in the form of our old favorite, Zima. The malt beverage sold out in just two months, prompting the beverage company to increase production 40 percent ahead of this summer. We’ll see if the nostalgia can carry on another year.

  • Floating Wine Glasses

    You need these for the pool. Enough said.