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These Are the Boozy Popsicles to Go Find Right This Moment

When it’s hot out, there's nothing like an icy treat, ideally jazzed up with just a hint of liquor. Grown-up lollies have been all the rage this summer, showing up in a litany of flavors from banana and creamsicle to yuzu Margarita and as garnishes in sparkling wine and other drinks. So it’s finally time for the grown-ups to have a little fun, and these 10 Popsicles prove it.

  • Frozen Mango Mimosa (Studio Kraut, New York City)

    This German-inspired restaurant in Manhattan’s Chelsea serves up frosty drinks to go with its burgers and bratwurst. This Popsicle is a mix of prosecco and mango Mimosa flavors.

  • Miami Bellini (The Bar at LvL 25, Conrad Miami)

    Guava and jalapeño peppers are combined to make a spicy Popsicle dipped in a glass of prosecco, served at the rooftop bar and pool.

  • Sparkling Wine Popsicle Cocktail (Dream Beach, Dream Downtown Hotel, New York City)

    It’s surprising that prosecco-flavored pops haven't always been de rigueur at beachside bars throughout the country. Barring that, the second-best solution is dunking a fresh fruit Popsicle right in a glass of bubbly, which is what they are doing at Dream Beach. This rooftop bar serves pineapple, peach or strawberry pops floating in a glass of Domaine Chandon or Moët & Chandon.

  • Creamsicle, Cucumber Ginger, Tequila Sunrise, Bourbon Delight (The Point in Fells, Baltimore)

    The spirit-on-a-stick flavors rotate at this New American restaurant in the Fell's Point section of Baltimore. Boozy Popsicle flavors currently include Creamsicle, made with orange vodka; cucumber and ginger infused with Hendrick's gin; a Tequila Sunrise; and a Bourbon Delight with bitters and Bulleit bourbon.

    (image: Liz Csanady)

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  • Mint Julep, Negroni, Yuzu Margarita (Blue Ribbon Beer Garden, New York City)

    This Lower East Side oasis is serving a trio of spirits-infused pops for the summer months. The lineup includes Mint Julep, Negroni and yuzu-flavored Margarita.

    (image: Steve Hill)

  • Otter Pop (Outpost, Goleta, Calif.)

    This California restaurant near Santa Barbara offers boozy Otter Pops, including a banana and rum-infused version, made with Plantation rum, Banane du Brésil liqueur, lime juice and cane syrup.

  • Garden Iceberg (David Burke Kitchen Garden, The James Hotel, New York City)

    A vividly colored cube of house-made sorbet, either lemon thyme or strawberry basil, tops off a cool glass of prosecco at this Soho haven in NYC.

    (image: Dillon Burke)

  • Ice Pop and Rosécco / Prosecco (Loopy Doopy, Conrad New York)

    Fruit-flavored, booze-spiked People’s Pops rule the roost at this rooftop bar and pool, where they top glasses of sparkling rosè or prosecco and come in flavors like raspberry basil smash, with Flor de Caña white rum, raspberry, apple and basil.

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  • Old Stormalong (The Copper Grouse, Manchester, Vt.)

    This New England comfort-food restaurant adds a citrus velvet falernum to a fruit-juice-based Popsicle. It’s used to garnish a rum drink made Appleton Estate and Sailor Jerry spiced rum.