6 Actors Who Actually Got Drunk on Set While Filming Their Movies

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  • ras58windstreamnet768416136 posted 12 months ago

    she is a drunk and as the personality of a lush

  • asfranko@hotmail.com posted 1 year ago

    At a girl...Lawrence.

  • dbcbest posted 2 years ago

    Ringo Starr was loaded in "A Hard Days Night" The strolling along the River Bank Scene with his Camera.

  • mgconroy54gmailcom582502019 posted 2 years ago

    To Shia the Meat, I offer the advice given by Laurence Olivier to method actor Dustin Hoffman (after staying awake for 48 hours to film a scene from MARATHON MAN): "My dear boy, why don't you just...act."

  • mariaaragon64.9641b81 posted 2 years ago

    For the drunk-dancing sequence in the classic Holiday Inn, Fred Astaire took a drink between each take and got progressively more and more inebriated as he filmed the sequence. He was decidedly drunk by the last time they filmed it and if I recall the commentary correctly, that was the take they used.

  • ian1969 posted 2 years ago

    Graham Chapman in most of Monty Python's Holy grail. In the French taunting scene he is being prompted for every line

  • tvshowsforu879.f093 posted 2 years ago

    Thats all actors are really good actor they give their best perfomance every time.

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  • jamesgmclean6gmailcom659174530 posted 2 years ago

    Is that really acting, or working?

  • brax.qlipp.57d8 posted 2 years ago

    this list fails; where's robert shaw's monolog from jaws? seriously, the single greatest monolog in movie history.

  • yngfoel.e4cc posted 2 years ago

    Martin Sheen in the hotel room in Apocalypse Now. Supposedly, he never meant to smash the mirror.

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