7 Things a Bartender Shouldn’t Do

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  • Bigjetpilot2 posted 6 months ago

    How did everyone miss this! I am not a picky person, never complain, only do good reviews or do not do one!, but this drives me NUTS! WHY DO BARTENDERS SLAM THE EMPTY BOTTLES AS HARD AS THEY CAN IN THE TRASH!!!! So horrible, and they ALL DO IT ON PURPOSE!

  • Pvolkmae posted 11 months ago

    I would add failure to put things back where they were, especially when working with other bartenders.

  • Jack S posted 1 year ago

    Never leave the bar unattended, huh? Back in the day I was a regular at a place where the staff and the regular clientele were really one big happy family. I don't know how many times someone would declare it was time to smoke and they'd all get up and leave, with me staying behind to breathe without difficulty in solitude. If someone who wasn't "one of us" came in I thought nothing of saying "They'll be back in a minute." I'd hate to get my buddies in trouble after all (even though the managers were out in the cancer-fest with them). Soon enough they were saying things like "You're in charge!" and I realized they were taking advantage. One night I got up to pee while they were gone (not like I had anything better to do, my glass was empty and even the TV was off) and they actually got angry that I'd "deserted my post." And I kept hearing about it for weeks afterward! "You're in charge--don't go to the bathroom!" The nerve!

    Still, I loved that place.

  • geo_85 posted 1 year ago

    Valid points!
    One thing that drives me bonkers as both on the job and as a patron...clean up your station! Old chef of mine always said "clean station, clean mind". Nothing worse than getting crushed on a busy night and nothing is where it should be. Muscle memory. On the flipside, go out with your girl for some drink and a bite and you're watching the bartenders go down in flames because they can't find the fucking bottle of Jack because it's been moved five times. Or looking on to the Wall o' Options and there's crusted on sugars and finger prints on that $18 pour you're interested in.

  • sa62316yahoocom263832224 posted 1 year ago

    I am very happy to see many if not all of the comments are well thought out and not a bunch of attacks on the article and each other. Its refreshing for a change. A few things I agree and disagree with. I agree with every item in the article I think they are valid. And whether or not I would've agreed the fact is I'm speaking from the side of the bar that is hoping for tips so even if I don't aagree, I'm going to agree because this is what bothers the people who pay my paycheck so I'll do my best to not annoy them . I have to say though reading the comments that defend cell phone use was frustrating. I mentioned I'm a bartender, I've also been a server, and restaurant manager(foh and boh) for years before going back to server and bartending. The one thing that every place I worked for over the last 15 years is no cell phone use. I know it seems crazy now but for those first few years the majority of employees didn't Even have cell phones lol crazy I know! But honestly, yeah there could be an emergency, I get that, but there are phones at the restaurant where you can be reached, and you get breaks here and there. Save checking your phone for those times, it won't kill ya! I promise! What it will do, if you use it during your shift is, it will piss off your guests, it will distract you, and it will effect your tips in a bad way. As far as the restaurant asking employees to help promote, ok, fine, then when it is appropriate only, take a few pictures to post later. And when you do, inform your bar that that's what you are doing. I mean you should be doing that anyway before you put their pictures on social media. So yeah, take your pictures and put your phone away. That is the one I agree with wholeheartedly. Nothing will convince me otherwise. As far as the rest I agree with the the list and many of the other items listed throughout the comments.

  • trutoformcement.835f posted 1 year ago

    I'm a bartender, I am also a construction worker during the week. I like to go out and drink, and I hate waiting for a drink when I feel it is unnecessary. Your peak business is only a few hours, work your ass off and it will be noticed. Acknowledge people and let them know you see them and bust ass. I'm a guy and I can say that being polite and letting patrons know you see them and working your ass off works well!! It's like 3 hours tops, the phone and everything else can wait. Not the customer. Put yourself in their shoes.

  • thunder posted 1 year ago

    1- Allowing someone intoxcating Drinking alcohol.
    2- use of dirty or broken glasses.
    3- Store food inside the ice maker.
    4- Customers ignored.
    5- Negligence spirits And left without cover.
    6- Do not choose the color and smell of wine before serving.
    7- Allow the mineral poisoning.

  • shannonadoptusdogsorg449714709 posted 1 year ago

    I have a few to add.

    This is a big one in my mind; bartenders shouldn't talk about (ie whispered commentary) patrons at the bar to other bartenders. Unless the discussion is about cutting someone off or calling a bouncer, don't do this. It's rude, unnecessary and awkward. Wait until the doors are closed to the public to talk about the gross old couple humping each other at the bar or bitch about the $2 tip on the $83 tab. Be hospitable to everyone, even the douche bags. Not only is it good business, it gives the bar staff more to talk about as you close up.

    Part of making your customers feel comfortable is talking to them on a personal level but the key is to 'totally relate' but at a distance. I'm guilty of this breaking this rule but a bartender shouldn't over disclose personal information in an effort to commiserate or, even work, look for emotional validation. The bar patron wants a place where they can safely vent, excitedly share some news, or sometimes engage in a lively dialog about the beauty of bourbon or the revival of the craft cocktail. I can't stand it when I hear bartenders talk to a customer and to launch into a long story that won't eventually circle back to what the customer was saying. Sure, as a bartender, you're on a stage of sorts, but the beauty and art of the trade is to use the bar platform to make the customer feel, if only briefly, that THEY are the stars.

    My last addition is this: too much flair or show. Sometimes it can be painfully and awkwardly, or annoyly, obvious when a person is seeking affirmation through focused attention. It looks cool when you can pour/ shake/ stir or pick up a bottle with a unique style. When you can flash off in such a subtle way that you just look like every movement is effortless and automatic then, in my book, yous a straight up gangsta. However, if you're flipping all sorts of shit in the air and shaking your cocktails so hard your facial expression could double for someone doing dead lifts, well, all I can say is gross. Effortlessly cool should look, eh, effortless.

  • therobertgomez posted 2 years ago

    *hanger :)

  • therobertgomez posted 2 years ago

    All pretty valid save "SAY “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THAT” OR REFUSE TO MAKE SOMETHING". Sorry this isn't Burger King. Respect the bar you are in and act accordingly. I don't go to a Thai restaurant and order hangar steak.

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