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6 Outstanding Whiskeys to Sip On Right Now

It’s time to add some new stamps to your sipping passport. Although scotch and bourbon tend to get most of our brown-liquor love these days, distillers around the world and right here at home are producing excellent whiskeys worth trying. So spin the globe for your next dram. These are six outstanding new whiskeys that deserve your attention.

  • The Sexton Single Malt (Ireland, $28)

    Make plenty of room on your bar for this squat, hexagonal door-stopper of a bottle. But this versatile newcomer that’s robust enough to sip neat or mix into cocktails is worth the real estate. The copper-pot-still whiskey is finished in oloroso sherry casks, yielding an oak-forward sipper that almost resembles a bourbon, finishing with hits of lemon peel, honey and clove.

  • Cedar Ridge Single Malt (U.S., $48)

    This Iowa-made single malt is full of surprises. The palate is layered with dusty cocoa, leather and vanilla, freshened by a hint of apple-blossom freshness. The lightly smoky finish will please fans of peated scotch, but this whiskey is made much closer to home.

  • Amrut Fusion Single Malt (India, $70)

    This single-malt whiskey is so named because it’s made with “a fusion of Indian and Scottish barley.” The 100-proof powerhouse offers orchard fruit, billows of peat smoke and a drying, complex finish that mixes leather, unsweetened chocolate, cigar tobacco and bitter orange peel. Add water to taste.

  • Dunedin Double Cask (New Zealand, $85)

    A newcomer from down under, The New Zealand Whisky Company makes this blend of single-malt and single-grain whiskeys. As the name suggests, the whiskey is aged in two types of casks: first American oak for six years, then French oak barrels that previously held New Zealand red wine for another 12 months. The end result is a rose-gold hue with rich layers of dried fruit, toffee and spice.

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  • HVEN Tycho's Star Single Malt (Sweden, $130)

    Scotch fans will want to try this organic single malt from Sweden. It’s silky and a bit lighter-bodied than many traditional scotches and blooms with peaty smoke up front, rounding into a warming finish laced with vanilla and baking spice.

  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony (Japan, $65)

    Age-statement whiskies from Japan have become increasingly difficult to come by. This blended whisky helps make up for the shortage, a superbly balanced mix of smoke, oak and spice. Smokiness leads, wrapping around a core of oak and vanilla custard and finishing long and spiced.