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6 Booze-Inspired Pool Floats You Need This Summer

If you’ll be floating on any body of water this summer, the days of grabbing a cheap pool noodle or regular ol' inflatable ring are gone. Today, it’s all about stretching out on giant unicorns, huge slices of pizza or achieving your dreams of becoming a mermaid. We always prefer to indulge in the boozy side of trends, so we searched around for some awesome inflatables to help us enjoy as many beverages as possible this season.

  • Beer Pong Float ($47)

    Not only is this great for playing beer pong with your friends all summer long, you can also store your beer in the center cooler. Just remember to stock up on ice.

    See it: Beer Pong Float

  • Table and Chairs Float ($189)

    If beer pong is a bit more active than you’re feeling on a hot day, you can simply take a seat and play more casual games with your friends as you float. From poker to card games, you’ll have fun and stay cool in the pool.

    See it: Table and Chairs Float

  • Cloud Drink Holder ($14)

    If you’re just looking for a fun, floating place to store your drinks, there’s nothing more festive than this rainbow cooler. This is the kind of gold we like to find at the end of the rainbow.

    See it: Rainbow Cooler

  • Margarita Float ($32)

    Margaritas are more than just a delicious cocktail. They’re emblematic of warm weather drinking and relaxation, so you might as well float on one all day long.

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  • Beer Mug Float ($26)

    Be as cool as your cold beer this summer on this beer mug float. Its handle even acts as a small cooler so you won’t have to leave the raft to crack open your next drink.

    See it: Beer Mug Float

  • Drink Holders ($13)

    This variety pack of drink holders is going to make your pool or lake look like an Instagram dream. From doughnuts to flamingos to palm trees, there's something for everyone.

    See it: Assorted Drink Holders

  • Rosé Floaté ($47)

    If rosé all day is your mantra this summer, this is the pool float you need. It’s more than seven feet tall, so this one could even be room enough for two.

    See it: Rosé Floaté