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5 Super Easy Boozy Halloween Costumes

Love it or hate it, Halloween is the pinnacle of fall. If you’re heading out to celebrate, donning a costume is almost required, even if just to avoid the glares of those chastising your choice. We like to keep it easy and boozy, so whether you’re grabbing a T-shirt and cardigan and making yourself a White Russian and calling yourself The Dude or simply heading to Amazon, we have you covered with some boozy costumes that will be to your door just in time.

  • Beer Pong Cup Costume ($30)

    As long as you don’t mind people throwing beer pong balls at you all night, being a human Solo cup will make you an instant favorite. Bonus points if you can get five friends to join you in this costume. You’ll have to walk in a pyramid shape all night.

  • Captain Morgan Costume ($42)

    You can never go wrong dressing up like a pirate. Take it to the next level and call yourself Captain Morgan, complete with a bottle to carry around with you all night long.

  • Beer Pong Costume ($26)

    If you’d prefer to just be the entire game of beer pong yourself (inspired by college when only a door worked well as a table), go for this one.

  • Fireball Halloween Costume ($41)

    You can’t go wrong with dressing up as everyone’s favorite shot. Just be prepared to carry around a bottle all night. You’ll definitely get asked!

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  • Oktoberfest Ride Costume ($49)

    There’s something about those costumes where it looks like you’re riding on something that's just hilarious. With this one, you’ll be carried around all night by a man who looks like he just stepped out of Oktoberfest.