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11 Scotch Cocktails That Make Use of Your Favorite Spirit

Strong, sometimes smoky and often empowering, scotch has long been one of the most fascinating gifts from Scotland to the world. Influenced by the water source and the altitude of the distillery location, among other factors, this amber in a glass is the wine of whiskeys. These are 11 creative ways for you to shake, stir and drink this unique spirit.

  • Scottish Beats

    A vegetal cousin of the Blood & Sand, this unusual but tasty cocktail combines your favorite scotch with an easy-to-make beet puree, cherry liqueur, sweet vermouth and Cointreau liqueur. In the glass, it’s smoky, tart and perfectly balanced.

  • One-Two Punch

    One bourbon, one scotch, one beer! Two out of three ain’t bad, especially inside this refreshing single-serving punch that combines scotch and pilsner with a ton of fresh citrus.

  • Hobnail

    Amaro and spicy ginger syrup come together to cradle your favorite scotch in this fun twist on the Whiskey Sour—smoky, spicy and sooo good.

  • Talking Backwards

    If you’ve never made an egg white cocktail with scotch, now’s the time to get cracking. Peaty and fruits flavors (blueberry and peach) find a soft pillow of white in this forward-thinking malt-based sipper.

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  • Smokin’ Mary

    Take your Bloody Mary game the next level with this variation. Vodka meets scotch, smoky spices and Chinese tea for a whole new umami experience. Don’t stress about the lengthy preparation method of the Smokin’ liqueur—that baby will last you up to a year, but you’ll drink it long before that.

  • Hebridean Shores

    Tim Nusog

    By way of Glasgow, this scotch drink combines fruity notes of grapefruit juice and peach schnapps with hints of bitterness from a float of IPA. Scotch and hops? Hey, why not?

  • Dramble

    Combine the notes of fruit and honey of a great scotch with some blackberry liqueur and oranges, and you have the perfect cocktail to keep you refreshed if Indian summer decides to roll back through.

  • Cunningham

    Don’t judge this drink by its color (it basically has the color of a flamingo). The rosy relative of the Blood & Sand, made with Bénédictine and Cherry Heering liqueurs, just might be your scotch gateway cocktail.

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  • Cave Creek

    This 19th-century phenom was originally made with scotch and hard rock candy. However, for this recipe, the cavity creepers are substituted with rye for a drink that’s bitter, smoky and dentist-approved.

  • Rusty Compass

    Want something simple and strong? Hit up this three-ingredient cocktail, which resembles a Rusty Nail but finishes with a nice, balanced sweetness. It won’t help you navigate, but it sure is delicious.

  • Burning Meadow

    A Sin City original from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel bar, this over-the-top cocktail pulls out all the stops, mixing smoky Islay scotch with maraschino liqueur, coconut water, Himalayan salt, honey, black pepper and something called meadow flowers aroma. Don’t worry—it’s easier to make it than it sounds. And delicious!