10 Things Not to Do in a Bar

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  • dave.1fc6b posted 11 months ago

    The tipping thing. Yes, bartenders and much of the service sector may be on minimum wage but the solution to that is not to take the responsibility for looking after staff away from management and on to the customer. I'll tip for extraordinary service, but no way am I going to tip someone who just does his job of pouring a drink. Does that bartender tip the gas station attendant or checkout girl in the supermarket? How about the paper guy at the newstand or the kid flipping burgers? No, didn't think so...

  • violetday posted 1 year ago

    I agree with the concept of good manners- in a bar or a hardware store- or wherever. I think these are great rules of thumb for how a customer should handle one's self at a bar. But a lot of people are going to be less than what you hope for, especially if they have been drinking. The mark of a good bartender is to handle the bs with style and grace.

  • rcrosson21.0cba55 posted 2 years ago

    What's the difference between a Canadian and a canoe?? A canoe can tip !! My view comes from the hospitality side of the business. My title and business card reads Cocktail Host. I make great cocktails often created from my chef background and I host the most wonderful of evenings. As far as tipping goes ... You do your laundry at the end of the week. What a waste of time and energy it is to concentrate in the world of nickel and diming it. I own the bar that I'm behind. It is a spotless organized stage for the evenings performance. Guest are coming for me and my product. With some great drinks some good food and sincere and stylish service it's a win win. My guest that become friends have many great evenings and I make a great living. VERY RESPECTFULLY!!! I have my "c" note club - my 80 dollar club - my 40 bucks and my 25ers !!! A few of the 7 dollar people but hey everyone is treated the same. It's my show after all. Some nights turn stylish and elegant and others turn into complete shitshows with everyone completely twisted. Sincerity handshakes hugs and walking your guest out to grab them a cab. That's how I do it. Proud and lucky to be a bartender. It's my love. Thanks

  • loneherald1verizonnet636003016 posted 2 years ago

    Well, this don't order a beer in a mixed drink bar and vice versa is crap. If you're a alcoholic beverage serving establishment, carry only what you serve. If you're a beer bar, and you have tequila behind the bar, the patron is stuck with what they have to serve. If the patron has no common sense, then they shouldn't be drinking.
    I ususally tip a dollar per drink, even if it's a coke. If I order something over $5, I give $2, unless the service is really bad. The eye contact thing, to get the bartenders attention....crap. In a bar that's not crowded, fine. If you have a super crowded bar, just hold the currency in the air, you don't have to wave it.

  • c.swanberg.5fda95 posted 3 years ago

    I've had crap nights and my employer never makes up for minimum wage. It's a nice thought though. As far as uneducated, a good bartender has acquired more social skills than anyone in a college classroom. I'm not discouraging higher education, in fact I believe it to be a necessity. Anyone opening a bottle of beer, do it with some flair. Bartending is a performance art. You sell yourself for bigger tips. Be fancy, slam out orders, and know trivia about the liquid you are selling. Learn your customers names and make sure they feel like they can tell you anything. Sell an experience. Everyone that is sitting at your bar is the most important person in the world and everything that is happening to them concerns you. Their drink order is always made like its the last one you will ever make. I don't believe in a-holes. Turn the situation around.

  • confusedalaskan posted 3 years ago

    I seen one of these robotic bars on New Years Eve party cruise. It looked amazing, and by the looks of the woman getting the drink, made a perfect cocktail as well. Living in a small Alaskan town, I have lost interest of being served drinks from unhappy bartenders. That and the constant fighting and bickering has made me stop going to bars all together. I would enjoy going to a bar that was up to date and left the confusing thoughts of how much to tip out of the enjoyment of getting a drink and relaxing in a entertaining environment. Throw in a couple of robobouncers, and bars could actually be a fun place to adventure. Anyhow, I think gypsysojourner has the right idea for making adult entertainment a lot less confusing! ;)

  • gypsysojourner posted 3 years ago

    I have a hard time with the tip thing. 20% as a minimum you say? Well at $2 that drink costed $10 and the hell if I'm leaving more. Bartenders make highway robbery on tips at many of the places I've been with customers tipping on every drink. Even when the beer is only a dollar I see people tipping a dollar. It's ridiculous. Besides, those people should all be replaced by robots. What century do we live in where people have to serve others in order to prove their right to a lving. Really? Serve? What is this louis the 16th? What is this, cotten pickin slaves in the 1800s? Make machines do the work, that's what their for. And give the displaced workers and everyone else a Universal Basic minimum Income.

  • liquidmsl posted 3 years ago

    Dear Party of 6, Do not order a round of 6 different shooters then pay with 6 different credit cards.

  • wmsofla posted 3 years ago

    Well if you dont want to be associated with people who dont matter to society, stay your ass home with your important self, and pop your own beer cap. Assjack!

  • Peter Punky posted 3 years ago

    idk where from you've come, but in MN (okay I guess we're close to canada, but I don't think that's a real factor) everyone I know who's a waiter, bartender, bouncer, or franchise fastfood worker makes fucking minimum wage, then tips. So idk if you're incredibly mis-informed or just in a much worse place ibiteandivote or others who're stating differently, but I have yet to meet someone working in the service industry who has it as bad as me or the many I know working minimum wage without tips or notable benefits.

    therefore, being poor, I will tip according to service and I feel very little guilt tipping a poor bartender poorly. You make me shitty or incredibly weak drinks, ignore me with out so much as a "get you in a minute" nod, or are in some way rude/degrading, probably getting very little or no tip.

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