10 Spirits You’re Definitely Mispronouncing

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  • Joni1957 posted 2 years ago

    Hi! I'm a gal that prefers a cocktail to a beer but I've not found *My Favorite* and I have a burning desire to have a cocktail that's an "always go to! I picked up cucumber flavored Vodka. I had asked them about cucumber cocktail. Could anyone *please* assist an extremely desirable woman with much interest in a good cucumber cocktail?! I will thank you now because I am a positive person and I will believe that someone here will have the info on HOW I can mix a Cucumber Cocktail!! Thanks!

  • scott.m.clayton.37180 posted 2 years ago

    Nope. Cuvée is not pronounced with a "y" sound. Try again.

  • Richard5709 posted 2 years ago

    Five minutes of my life I will never get back reading this total crap article. If you order this in the U.S. make sure you are wearing hose and heels.

  • PapaJohnRanchoRio posted 2 years ago

    JOHN TAFFER tells us ALL how to mumble the names properly! He is a class act!

  • PapaJohnRanchoRio posted 2 years ago

    Just as long as I can pronounce DOUBLE" I am good; that and "GOOD STUFF" scores!

  • InnocentBystander posted 3 years ago

    You can't really show an English speaker how to pronounce French with simple phonetic words as they did here, but since the average person is not up to speed on linguistic symbols, this is still a good way to get the lay person close enough to be understood. Add to that the fact that some sounds in French are not easily replicated to anyone not in practice, and you basically have the makings of snobs attacking non French speakers.

  • born.giantsfan.17cb8e posted 3 years ago

    Nope - not mispronouncing them - so you are wrong Mr Liquor dot Com.

    I mean come on - how else would you pronounce Falernum and Lillet. I guess if you are from the south you would say lil-Let. But anyone who has seen a french movie would say lee-LAY.

  • charliebat posted 3 years ago

    Hey, haven't you heard, that's the new Bottle devoted to fishermen! lol! You wouldn't believe how people pronounce different drinks! These are the easy one's. People just start making up new names as they go along the night. I had a woman asking me for Kway-vo. I'm sorry, never heard of it. And got livid that I didn't know what it was. Then she sees the bottle theys it iz! Oh, you mean Cuervo. & I've heard Grand Marnier pronounced just that! Gimme that Gran Mariner and Grand Marine! Probably the funniest was those too lazy to try, Gimme 'at Gran Ma. lol! People are just stupid sometimes. Some people are stupid all the time. lol!

  • jbarker2160 posted 3 years ago

    Becherovka is pronounced with an h in the back of your throat. Like in Chanukah.

  • anoymouse posted 3 years ago

    Haha what?

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