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  • david herpin posted 4 years ago

    You're right, I was jealous. If they even read this, I owe them an apology. Simply projecting my childish believes and own insecurities in an attempting to seek attention. I admit it. If you choose to humiliate me, I deserve it, I accept and take responsibility for that. We talk about those we admire, so I must admire all these guys and I do. You can't learn from someone you don't respect, so I respect you all because I obviously have alot of learning to do. Your assessment of my amateur skill level is accurate, at best, and if you have any wisdom you care to share on the subject, I am more than receptive.

  • A real human posted 4 years ago

    Your a true and jealous amateur! Once you grow up and learn the business then you can comment but do not disrespect someone's success just because you have never achieved it! A real and true bartender would never say such things! They would take the knowledge from their mentors and elders and use it to their advantage! Please grow up... If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all! All the best to you And yours!

  • david herpin posted 4 years ago

    Isn't this a list of bar "owners"? How arrogant you must be to own a bar and think you are a "all star bartender" haha I wont even go into it, but that one guy openly admits in his promo that he just started bartending "1st year all star". Okay whatever, besides I would put money that not a single one of you owners actually wrote a business plan, you all come from money or ran into it, its clear, because if you worked for it you wouldnt be so narcissistic. Your delusional views disgust me, come to nola ill show you a real all star bartender and make you realize what real bartending is.

  • ylva binder posted 4 years ago

    Always in the big cities I have a gorgeously made cocktail. Once I step slightly outside or indeed move into smaller places - like hidden away European second or third in size - hardly no possibility to get a great drink. Fabulous to see the bars and cocktails in the limelight and hopefully inspiring more and more to learn this Amazing skill.

  • D.J. Givner posted 4 years ago

    What an inspiring site for the many bartenders around the globe who aspire one day to open their own establishment. I myself fall into this category as this is my goal and dream one day. I've been in the industry for nearly 8 years now and have held every position from bus boy to the bar manager of a sports bar, nightclub and Irish pub. I try to continue to meet and gain all the knowledge I can from various people and places who are involved in the industry with a passion to carry on their craft to their own bars in the near future. I would love to get more information and be able to network somehow with these bartenders or anyone else who is progressing in the industry today!

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